UiPath Clipboard AI

It’s AI for the rest of us. To free up the best in us.

You’re meant for bigger and better things than copying data here and pasting it there. So hand off those tasks to Clipboard AI—and use the time to create, collaborate, or maybe just caffeinate.

Take the waste out of copy and paste.

Manual copy-paste is such a waste. So leave it behind with the unbeatable combination of UiPath automation and industry-leading AI.

Escape from spreadsheet hell.

Highlight a table in your spreadsheet, then just point Clipboard AI toward the destination—a form, another app, another table. Clipboard AI figures out where the data should go and pastes it.

Unlock info from images.

Clipboard AI can copy the information visible in scans, screenshots, or screens—making it instantly actionable.

Transform your data before it hits its destination.

The power of embedded generative AI converts currencies and adjusts formats on the fly.

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AI for the rest of us.

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