Automation is driving innovation at telecom providers

Automation is driving innovation at telecom providers

Unlock the full potential for your business, employees, and customers

Build bandwidth for better service


of telcos surveyed state automation as a critical driver for transformation over the next five years


reduction in human-agent interaction time by 2027


of tech and telecom leaders cite automation as a priority for their business
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Revenue is calling at the telecommunications contact center

An EY and UiPath perspective on automation and the last mile of the telecommunications contact center transformation.

More uptime, stronger connections, smarter solutions

Be customer driven

Take a proactive approach to customer care and retain customers for the long term.

Make work a lot less work

Create an environment that provides more time for worthwhile work and attracts the industry’s best and brightest.

Get dialed in on innovation

Expand your service offerings and create a digital workforce that can help you deliver the latest and greatest solutions.


By working with digital assistants, agents get easier access to the resources they need to address issues—increasing agent capacity and reducing average handling times.


Robots can continuously monitor network traffic and performance for a more proactive and predictive approach to network maintenance.


Put automation to work to identify unhappy customers who are on the verge of switching providers and provide the hyper-care that drives loyalty and retention.


Triage, track, and resolve complaints faster. Software robots can monitor complaint status and identify emerging trends, freeing your team to tackle the issues that require their expertise and judgment.


Improve security through continuous monitoring of potential network threats, and use AI-powered robots to help sort through and manage a growing volume of alerts.


Launch new service offerings at a lower cost through a digital workforce that increases service capacity and frees your team to be more innovative and creative.

  • Self service

    • Help customers help themselves with chatbot-assisted inquiries on order status and solution inquiries

    • Automate answers to the most frequently requested support

  • Contact center

    • Provide agents a 360-degree view of the customer for a smoother service experience

    • Give agents more time to address complex issues by automating the resolution of routine requests

  • Field service

    • Optimize routing and scheduling to make the most of every hour in the field  

    • Equip field agents with the tools to diagnose and resolve issues faster

  • Network and operations

    • Simplify maintenance through automated monitoring of network health and status

    • Optimize network traffic and improve accessibility and performance

  • Sales and marketing

    • Run custom-tailored promotions and campaigns with a higher chance of success

    • Deliver consistent offers and messaging, regardless of which channel customers prefer


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Empower your customers

  • Help customers help themselves with chatbot-assisted inquiries on order status and solution inquiries

  • Automate answers to the most frequently requested support

how automation helps telecom rollout 5g

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Forrester: The Total Economic Impact™ of UiPath Automation

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A more automated future is here

Automate almost anything

Software robots can take over routine and repetitive tasks for agents, the back office, and the field service team—helping drive down costs and creating better experiences for everyone.

AI everywhere

Artificial intelligence (AI) helps you identify trends in cybersecurity, network performance, and customer demands—so you can be more predictive and proactive in your approach.

Democratize innovation

With no- and low-code development, virtually everyone on your team can put their automation ideas into practice.

Thrive in the digital area with automation