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Smart Communication: Thinking through Automation for Communication Service Providers




Robert Stewart March 8, 2019

Smart Communication: Thinking through Automation for Communication Service Providers

We’re living in the automation age where businesses, organizations, and governments are examining how they can harness automation to capitalize on digitization efforts and tap into the inherent potential of their employees. We’re at a unique societal crossroad where the tools we use can advance our human potential.


For communication service providers (CSPs) in the telecom industry the story is no different. Today’s CSPs find themselves doing business in an increasingly competitive environment. Many face heightened regulations, skills shortages, and rising customer expectations. To adapt to these challenges CSPs must discover cost-effective ways to consolidate data and streamline processes, to maximize the impact from their workforce.


Adapt a technology that will enhance the capabilities of your employees


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that will help CSPs confront the adverse and plentiful challenges their businesses face. Enhanced with artificial intelligence capabilities including visual document, process, and conversational understanding, RPA can automate routine and rules-based tasks currently burdening your organization.


How can you learn more about RPA and decide whether it’s the right solution for your company? That’s an easy question to answer. Together with Virtusa Corporation, a global provider of digital service transformation, we’ve created a whitepaper to answer that question and more. Complete with use cases specific for CSPs, you can discover how you can strategically reduce costs, optimize your performance, and improve customer experience with RPA.


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