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Until July 25th, rate UiPath and get one of the 100 Visa Gift Cards available, worth $25.


  • Users from UiPath partner companies are not eligible.

  • Please be sure to use your LinkedIn or your business email for validation. These will not be used/sold to third parties but help verify your experience with UiPath products.

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Review UiPath on Gartner Peer Insights

Rate UiPath RPA, UiPath Test Automation, and UiPath Process Mining until July 25, and you will receive a $25 Visa Prepaid Gift Card for each review. There's a limited offer of 50 Gift Cards left.


  • The reviews are anonymous. Your name, email, and company name will not be displayed.

  • If you have experience with both UiPath RPA and Test Suite, you can write two reviews, and get two rewards. Both links are below.

  • Once your review gets approved, you'll receive your gift card in your inbox.

  • UiPath partner companies are not accepted by Gartner.

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Rate UiPath on PeerSpot

Until July 25, you can take an ITSC, now PeerSpot interview and they will send a $50 Amazon Gift Card to the first 100 approved reviews of the UiPath platform.


  • Interviews/reviews will take place via a phone call (link below). All you have to do is schedule a time that works for you and then join the call. ITCS will take care from there. The whole process will take 20 minutes.

  • Deadline: you can pick a date starting today, up to the end of April.

  • The reviews will be on a public site, but they can be completely anonymous.

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