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improved document processing ai uipath


February 12, 2020

Combining Rule-Based and Model-Based Approaches for Improved Document Processing

Read how UiPath delivers an AI-powered document understanding framework providing fast and accurate document processing for a wide range of formats

ai fabric solves data science headaches


October 24, 2019

Getting Back to What You Love about Data: Solving Common Data Science Headaches with AI Fabric

Discover how bringing together data science and RPA helps data scientists prove out ROI for the ML models built.

artificial intelligence to optimize document processing


October 10, 2019

How to Use AI to Optimize Document Understanding

Discover how companies can extend OCR using artificial intelligence (AI) to drive more value through better document processing and understanding capabilities.

operationalizing machine learning to scale ai


October 3, 2019

Better Business Outcomes by Operationalizing Artificial Intelligence at Scale

Learn how enterprises are operationalizing machine learning models and AI, standardizing data science, and driving business outcomes for goal achievement.



June 25, 2019

Using AI to Automate Invoices and Receipt Processing

UiPath uses AI to help customers automate the processing of financial documents, such as invoices and receipts. Learn more here.

2 solving robotic challenges at scale


February 12, 2019

Solving Robotic & AI Challenges at Massive Scale Today

A look at the biggest challenges for robotic and artificial intelligence and how UiPath is solving them, and solving for them on a massive scale.

photo manequin


August 9, 2018

When RPA met AI: the Rise of Cognitive Automation

Cognitive automation is where the industry is headed. Enterprises must make sense of the fusion between RPA and AI if they want to maintain their advantage.



April 12, 2018

#IntelligentOCR, RPA's Sidekick in the Fight with Unstructured Data

The UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform helps companies achieve higher levels of automation despite their reliance on printed, handwritten, and scanned documents.

circuit board


March 11, 2015

Looking Forward: RPA & Artificial Intelligence

Just as we've gotten used to the idea of robotic process automation, there's a new tech in town: artificial intelligence.

Watsons avatar


January 12, 2015

From Jeopardy! Winner to Doctor: IBM's Watson

In the recent history of computers and robotics, IBM's Watson was a major development that is changing the world in a very real way.



December 29, 2014

When a Computer Outsmarted a Master

When the computer Deep Blue defeated the chess grand master Garry Kasparov, it was a major step forward in computing.

data scrabble


November 26, 2014

RPA, Big Data, & the Internet of Things: More than Hype

Robotic process automation, Big Data, the Internet of Things - they're not just hype when harnessed together. Many companies are already seeing the benefits.

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