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Editor's note: FORWARD 5 may be over, but you can still access the great advice and insights shared during conference sessions. Sign up for 'The Best Bits,' a three-volume series of curated FORWARD 5 session recordings. For attendees who joined us in person in Las Vegas, you can access all the session recordings in the UiPath Events app.

In today’s world of work, we all have busy days and packed schedules. That’s just one of the reasons the UiPath tribe is so passionate about automation’s ability to unlock human potential. Automation helps you do more, so you can achieve more. So it’s probably no surprise that we’ve designed FORWARD 5 to make the most of the time you have to spend with us at the Venetian Resort, Las Vegas, September 27-29, 2022.

FORWARD 5 is an immersive event. That means that over two-and-a-half days, you’ll be at the epicenter of automation expertise and innovation. We give you the big picture of the present state and future evolution of automation. But we’ll also fill in the details so you can turn those big ideas into practical solutions. In other words, FORWARD gives you the inspiration you need to envision new ways of doing things. But it also equips you with the knowledge to act on that inspiration.

Here’s a preview of the wide spectrum of content that you’ll find at FORWARD 5.

Inspiring keynotes

What’s the vision for the future of automation? How will today’s innovations translate into tomorrow’s competitive advantage? What’s next for UiPath? You’ll get the answers from Co-CEOs Daniel Dines and Rob Enslin, and other UiPath leaders during their inspirational main stage keynote addresses. You’ll also hear from New York Times best-selling author of Love + Work Marcus Buckingham on how you can unleash the power of your joy in the workplace.

Informative breakouts

We’ve divided the first day’s breakout sessions into three categories: Automation Inspiration, Automation Journey, and Automation How-to. You can mix and match sessions that will spark new ideas, provide real-world use cases of automation success, and dive into the details of how to tackle specific challenges.

Product deep dives

Looking for a deeper understanding of how UiPath products work? The Deep Dive sessions include extensive Q&A with UiPath engineers and let you see under the covers of UiPath technology.

Industry summits

Groundbreaking technology doesn’t have much value if it doesn’t help you solve the specific industry challenges you face. During FORWARD’s Industry Summits, you can explore how automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning can help you do more, do it faster, and do it more accurately.

Hands-on workshops

Learning can work best when it’s a hands-on experience. In FORWARD’s workshops, you won’t just hear the theory behind UiPath technology. You’ll also have the chance to work through scenarios with different UiPath products.

And don’t forget that you’ll be joining thousands of attendees and partners from the UiPath Community who are ready to share their experiences and ideas on how automation can transform the world of work.

When robots work, people thrive. You’ll find out exactly what that means—and what it means for the future of your organization—at FORWARD 5, September 27-29, 2022, at the Venetian Resort, Las Vegas.

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Mary Tetlow

Chief Brand Officer, UiPath

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