Get ready for a world-changing, paradigm-busting week at FORWARD VI + TechEd Day

What to expect at UiPath FORWARD VI automation AI conference

Have you made plans to be in Las Vegas, October 9–12, for FORWARD VI + TechEd Day? The clock is ticking. But there’s more to getting ready for your time at FORWARD than booking your room and packing your carry-on. There’s so much automation content, so much education, so many networking opportunities that you’ll probably want to do a little prep to help you get the most from your time in Las Vegas. So, to help you get started, here’s a preview of some of what’s in store.

A deep dive into AI at Work

At FORWARD, you won’t just hear about the UiPath vision for AI’s future. You’ll hear about how AI-powered automation is changing businesses today, in the real world of work. Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are the power couple for digital transformation. AI expands the range of potential automation use cases, and automation turns AI’s promise into real value. You’ll hear about AI in our keynote addresses, customer presentations, how-to sessions, industry panels . . . in other words, pretty much everywhere. Most important, though, you’ll get the knowledge you need to put AI-powered automation to work in your organization right away. Not five years from now.

Automation success stories. Lots of them.

People love a good success story. It’s inspiring to hear how a company used ingenuity, hard work, and advanced automation technology to solve a longstanding problem, make a process more efficient, or break new ground. But great customer stories do more than celebrate success. They can also spark new ideas. They show what’s possible. They can nudge you to question the status quo and come up with your own genius idea for changing the world. That’s why we feature our customers so prominently at FORWARD.

We know that what our customers say about their experience with UiPath technology means a lot more to you than anything we say ourselves. So, you’ll see and hear from a lot of customers at FORWARD VI. They’ll be on stage presenting, they’ll be contributing to panel discussions, and they’ll be featured in the Gallery of Customer Achievement. Everywhere you look, you’ll find a customer sharing their story.

Guest keynotes that strike a chord and light a fire

We’ve got some pretty impressive guest speakers lined up for the FORWARD VI keynote addresses. First, there’s author Walter Isaacson, who’s an expert on the lives and minds of genius innovators, from Leonardo da Vinci and Ben Franklin to Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, to find out what makes them tick—and how we can cultivate those same qualities in our own lives. And we’ll also hear from Erik Brynjolfsson, Director of the Stanford Digital Economy Lab and senior fellow at the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI. He’ll share his expert insight on the economic implications of AI and other emerging technologies that are poised to revolutionize our world of work. 

So, we’ll look to the past to help put the present moment in context, and we’ll look forward to better understand how we can prepare today for an exciting new tomorrow. It’s a pretty cool combination.

Food . . . and food for thought

FORWARD attendees don’t live on breakout sessions alone. You’ll need some calories to fuel your FORWARD VI experience. And there’ll be plenty on hand throughout the day. After all, you can’t change your world of work if you’re hungry. But you’ll also have the chance to fuel your brain and connect with like-minded colleagues and automation experts at lunchtime roundtable discussions. Oh, and we didn’t forget dessert. We’ll be serving that up with specialty coffee in Expertsville after lunch.

Some fun and games

Need to unplug and unwind? We’ve got you covered. Save room in your schedule for Monday evening’s Welcome Reception (a.k.a., the “party by the pool”), Tuesday night’s Automation Celebration (“what AI cannot do,”), and Wednesday’s Unwind Happy Hour. During the day, we’re bringing back the “gamified” FORWARD experience where you can earn points by visiting expert booths, checking out the Gallery of Customer Achievement, reviewing UiPath—you name it, you can probably earn points for it. And the more points you rack up, the greater your odds of winning prizes.

The first-ever TechEd Day and certification

Previous FORWARD attendees have told us that they wanted to see even MORE technical content and education on the agenda. Yes, that’s right. The typical FORWARD attendee is the type who has to get a look under the hood to see how things work. So, we’ve added a dedicated TechEd Day on Thursday, packed with hands-on, in-depth content created for automation developers and technical users who want a deep dive into UiPath products. It’s an entire day full of demos of the latest capabilities, workshops, and interactive Q&A sessions with UiPath experts. You can find the full TechEd Day agenda here. And if you want to get UiPath certified, you can also do that during special certification sessions during the main FORWARD VI conference days (October 10–11).

Wisdom from our UiPath expert executives

Want to hear more about the UiPath vision for the AI-powered world of work? Eager to learn what’s on the horizon for UiPath? Want a peek at the UiPath product roadmap? FORWARD VI is the place to be. Co-CEOs Daniel Dines and Rob Enslin, Chief Product Officer Graham Sheldon, and Head of AI Strategy Ed Challis will all take the stage to offer the big-picture perspective that’s the perfect complement to the content you’ll get in breakout sessions, panels, and customer presentations. It’ll be like looking into a crystal ball that shows the future of AI at Work.

A great conference experience in the palm of your hand

We figured a conference all about AI at Work shouldn’t be a lot of work to navigate, so we’ve created a FORWARD VI mobile app to make your on-site experience simple and seamless. Use it to build your agenda, find a UiPath or sponsor booth, ask a question, network with colleagues, post a tweet, and navigate the venue.

And would you believe that we’ve just scratched the surface here? FORWARD VI is something you just have to experience for yourself. So, make plans to join the rest of the UiPath universe, October 9–12, for FORWARD VI + TechEd Day in Las Vegas! Register before September 16, 2023, to take advantage of the final available discount.

Register here.

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Mary Tetlow

Chief Brand Officer, UiPath

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