A Playbook for Implementing Intelligent Automation Today

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Guy Kirkwood is chief evangelist at UiPath.

We talk a lot about automation being the future of work, and industry analysts have written much about how automation will impact jobs and organizations. The problem with 'the future,' however, is that it always seems like tomorrow, when the reality is that intelligent automation is enabling companies to be prepared for problems they are facing today.

The 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has shown us, in just a few short months, the cost of being unprepared. As organizations around the world scramble to become digital first, the use of many next generation technologies has accelerated. Robotic Process Automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, internet of things (IoT), and others are now more than the path to a competitive edge, they’re tools for survival.

In this moment, digital transformation is even more of a necessity than ever before, and luckily, we have a roadmap for this journey: The 360-Degree Enterprise Automation Playbook from Everest Group.

A 360-degree view for enterprise automation

Why a 360-degree automation playbook? Because no matter where you plan to begin automating—streamlining customer interactions, improving compliance, speeding back-office processes, etc.—it’s critical that you take a comprehensive view of the experiences of all key stakeholder groups.

A 360-degree view involves reimagining and redesigning the journey of not only the end customer, but every constituent piece  of your business ecosystem, including employees, partners, suppliers, and regulators. It allows you to build connections and avoid blind spots in your automation and AI implementations to take full advantage of the benefits of intelligent automation.

Think of a common end-to-end process in your organization. It almost certainly impacts more than one of those key stakeholder groups. With a 360-degree approach you’re able to see all of those touch points and interdependencies that may have previously made the process impossible to automate. With the combination of RPA and AI—along with the 360-degree strategy provided by this step-by-step guide—you can now more completely reap the benefits of enterprise automation.

Practical advice for today’s enterprises

The key advantage of the 360-Degree Enterprise Automation Playbook is that it contains practical advice and guidance for implementing this strategy in your organization. There are steps you can take right now to accelerate your automation journey and drive digital transformation without waiting for an unknown future.

Download the Everest Group’s 360-Degree Enterprise Automation Playbook today to begin reimagining your business and developing the ‘new’ future of work.

guy kirkwood uipath
Guy Kirkwood

(Previously) Chief Evangelist, UiPath

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