Five Things You Don’t Want to Miss at the Reboot Work Festival

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Editor's note: we've wrapped up the Reboot Work Festival but you can catch up on any session you missed. Yes, recordings of the sessions are still available for on-demand viewing. Register on the Reboot Work Festival page for access to the recordings.

How do you take all of the excitement, expertise, and engagement from our live FORWARD events and put that into a global virtual event? That was the question we faced as the pandemic moved us from planning to meet you in person at FORWARD IV to figuring out how to create an equally fantastic virtual event.

I’m a bit biased, but I think we’ve done it. Meet the Reboot Work Festival.

This isn’t a virtual event where we’ve taken content that would have been on stage at the Bellagio in Las Vegas and put it into a series of webinars. That isn’t how we do things at UiPath. And it isn’t the celebration we want for you.

We’ve completely reimagined virtual events and we’ve created a virtual festival—a celebration of automation innovation around the world. Complete with animated festival grounds. That’s right, we’ve created an entire virtual ‘world’ that’s interactive as you move around within it. And that’s in addition to all the industry leaders, analysts, automation experts, and practitioners you’ll have the opportunity to hear from and talk with.

I don’t want to ruin all the surprises, but I do want to share some tips for making the most of your Reboot Work Festival experience. Here are five things you don’t want to miss.

#1 Global and local content, on your time

Nobody wants to have to log on to the computer at 3:00 am to be part of the event. And it can be difficult to block off entire workdays to attend a virtual event. At the Reboot Work Festival, you don’t have to.

Each day of the event, we have sessions for a few hours each day. So, no need to give up your entire day to join us.

Every region, around the world, will have the same keynote presentations. But thanks to region-specific agendas, those sessions will start at a reasonable time (not 3:00 am) for your time zone. You’ll also have region-specific sessions.

In India and want to know how other organizations in India are transforming with automation? There’s a panel on that exact topic.

Check out the agenda for your region (or explore them all):

You’re also not limited to the sessions in your region. Whether you want to join other regions’ sessions live or you want to watch the on-demand recordings after the event, you can.

#2 Get a sneak peek into the future (no crystal ball required)

During the Reboot Work Festival, speakers from C-suite leaders to a pioneer in the field of intelligent automation will share their visions for the future of rebooting work and automation innovation. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Pascal Bornet is the author of Intelligent Automation, “essential reading for anybody who cares about the future of work.” Bornet will be sharing how innovative enterprises are harnessing the power of intelligent automation at scale and seeing 20-60% increases in efficiency gains as a result.

  • Author and social science journalist, Shankar Vedantam will join us. Vedantam also hosts the international podcast Hidden Brain and he will be sharing surprising discoveries on what actually drives human behavior. Those discoveries are critical when engaging employees and scaling automation.

  • We’re witnessing seismic shifts in the way work gets done—shifts that are empowering every organization to become a fully automated enterprise™. UiPath Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Bobby Patrick will explain what that means. Then Ted Kummert, Executive Vice President (EVP) of Products and Engineering at UiPath, will dive into the four pillars of the fully automated enterprise.


#3 Dive deeper into the UiPath 20.10 release

Last month, we introduced you to the 20.10 release—our biggest release yet! At the Reboot Work Festival, you’ll have the opportunity to dive even deeper into the release, including:

  • Visit the Demo Tent to watch over 40 on-demand demos. Whether you want to see the advanced capabilities across the release or want to see the updates most beneficial to your industry, there’s a demo for that.

  • Param Kahlon, Chief Product Officer (CPO) at UiPath, will kick off day two of the festival with a keynote presentation that dives further into the 20.10 release, outlines new product updates since 20.10 release, and gives examples of how innovative organizations are using the latest UiPath capabilities to meet the unique challenges of running during a global pandemic.


And have you met automation's new superhero, UiPath Process Mining?

Process Mining can be used at any stage of the automation journey to drive great automation outcomes. As part of our celebration of automation, we have a very special offer to help you get started with Process Mining.

Contact your sales representative or stop by the UiPath Process Mining booth at Expertsville to find out how to qualify for the special offer.

#4 Immerse yourself

Reboot Work Festival is about so much more than the keynote sessions. Immerse yourself in the actual experience of automation by visiting the Immersion Lab during the festival.

Talk to UiPath product, programs, and industry experts at Expertsville. They’ll be available to answer your questions live. You can also meet your regional UiPath teams in Expertsville.

Visit the Carousel of Ideas to meet some of our UiPath people who exemplify the values that have helped build UiPath into the great company it is.


Uncover new automation ideas in the Amphitheater from automation leaders at:

Spotify, ConocoPhillips, Cognizant, Orange Spain, Principal Financial Group, Lenovo Group, La Trobe University, SK Telecom, PwC, Union Bank, Novo Nordisk, Conagra Group, VMware, Havas, Groupama, Cutters, Siemens Mobility, and many more.

UiPath customers will be sharing lessons learned from implementing and scaling automation, upskilling employees, and the many innovative ways they’re using automation to transform their organizations.


Don’t forget to stop by the Big Tent! Hear real-life examples of how automation innovation is the real competitive differentiator, including how:

  • Takeda Business Solutions is combining the latest automation capabilities to drive transformation across their global enterprise

  • JSW Group (one of India’s fastest growing conglomerates) is harnessing the power of automation to help drive their explosive growth and success

Inspiration abounds at the Reboot Work Festival!

Be sure to tune in to find out how robots are empowering adults with autism, providing them with new opportunities for meaningful employment. The training is the result of a collaboration between our customer dentsu, AutonomyWorks, Specialisterren, Autimatic, and UiPath.   

#5 Celebrate yourself and your tribe

Why is this called a festival? Because it’s a celebration! From the moment you register and then enter the virtual festival grounds, you’ll notice the celebratory atmosphere.

What are we celebrating? You. Our customers. Our partners. The entire UiPath community.

It’s a celebration of automation and its power to unburden people from mundane, tedious work to do the work that’s worth doing. Look how far automation has come!

We’re thrilled to share so many stories of how people and organizations are using software robots to free up people to work on the things they enjoy. Stories of automation providing critical solutions during the pandemic. Stories of automation increasing business resilience and creating new career paths.

We’ll be handing out awards and announcing hackathon winners. There will be surprises throughout the event. All designed to celebrate you and everyone in the UiPath community.


Join us December 15-17, 2020 for the Reboot Work Festival.

mary tetlow uipath
Mary Tetlow

Chief Brand Officer, UiPath

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