Learn How to Achieve More For Your Customers: Join UiPath at Microsoft Inspire

UiPath Microsoft Inspire 2019

UiPath, a global Microsoft IP Co-Sell Ready partner, will exhibit at Microsoft Inspire on July 14–18, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Inspire is the premier global event for thousands of Microsoft partners from all over the world to connect, collaborate, and celebrate as one community.

We are eager to share this experience with as many of our current partners as possible as well as leaders of advisory companies, business process outsourcing firms, systems integrators, managed service providers, and other organizations we’ve yet to meet.

Stop by and get inspired with us at Booth #107!

Here are 5 things to look forward to at Microsoft Inspire 2019 :

1. Gain insight into Microsoft’s strategy and plans for fiscal year 2020 (FY20).

With a better understanding of Microsoft’s strategy and plans, we'll all discover new opportunities to better align our technological and business efforts and safeguard a profitable future with Microsoft.

You can also engage in insightful discussions among the collective partners. Inspire is an event that is sure to spark fresh, creative ideas to help build your own business success. The UiPath booth (Booth #107) is the place to gain an 'automation first' mindset that accelerates your customers’ journey forward in a fast-changing world.

We are especially keen to hear Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s Corenote covering Microsoft’s plans and strategy. We're also looking forward to Julia White’s Azure Featured Session on Monday afternoon. Microsoft Azure is becoming critical for many customer digital transformation initiatives; UiPath investments in Azure enable our joint partners to leverage the power of the Azure platform to deliver valuable solutions for our customers. Current and potential partners won’t want to miss these important presentations.

2. Share your feedback and be heard.

Because Inspire is a partner-only event, it is a unique opportunity for us to focus on our partner relationships. We look forward to speaking with you about your challenges and to discover opportunities to better serve your needs.

We encourage you to visit us at Inspire to give us one-on-one feedback. Of course, we love hearing positive feedback, but we also really want to know how we can do better. For us, this is immensely important. Success is not just about using the right technology. It’s about joining forces with the right partner. A partner who truly understands how to enable your growth.

At UiPath, this way of thinking is essential to who we are and what partnership means to us. If you don’t succeed, neither do we. In fact, we have a goal to attain 70% of our software revenue through successful partnerships. That goal is completely reliant on our joint efforts to win more business and satisfy customers with our combined solutions.

3. Expand your partnership and service lines to grow your business.

Discover new ways to build and use automations to achieve efficiencies that were previously impossible. Find new ways to achieve more successful Robotic Process Automation (RPA) implementations and automation plus artificial intelligence (AI) projects with your customers who are heavily invested in Microsoft offerings.

We rely on our partners to help us deliver the latest advancements in RPA and AI. Come visit us at Booth #107 and we will show you how to win more business and increase revenue by aligning your Microsoft Service lines with UiPath intelligent automation capabilities. Partnership with UiPath increases your average deal size and delivers a potential $20 in professional services for every $1 of UiPath licenses sold.

4. Check out the latest UiPath RPA integrations.

Get an up-close look at the newest UiPath integrations with Microsoft Office365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 at Inspire. These innovations significantly boost productivity for our partners’ customers with features like drag and drop AI, intelligent optical character recognition (OCR), document processing, and data extraction.

Businesses save time with ready-to-use pre-built AI skills and machine learning models that reduce automation development time and speed time to value. You will definitely want to see how you can utilize these integrations to grow your RPA opportunities with Microsoft customers.

5. Learn how you can deliver Microsoft AI capabilities to 'the last mile' of business.

With UiPath in their corner, our partners have a clear path to help their customers see every initiative through to completion. Our automation solutions span the intelligent cloud and create opportunities for you to do the same.

At Inspire, you can learn more about how you can continue to deliver the automations that matter now and in the future, relying on UiPath to innovate through initiatives, to remain dedicated to enabling Robots to learn skills, and to continually future-proof the UiPath Platform.

An inspired future with UiPath and Microsoft

Stop by booth #107 to discover how the UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform allows you to succeed faster, now and in the future.

We’ll show you the competitive advantages you gain from access to a complete RPA automated deployment solution on Microsoft Azure as well as numerous pre-built integrations and solution blueprints that leverage the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud.

As an IP Co-Sell Ready partner, this is a compelling opportunity to jointly engage with UiPath and Microsoft and make even more money together.

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David Marcus

VP, Technology Alliances, UiPath

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