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UiPath pragmatic AI solves real customer problems and delivers ROI fast

See how much more RPA can do with AI Skills

Robots are learning new AI Skills

Early Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Robots unburdened employees from mundane, repetitive work, allowing them to focus on solving problems and creating value.

Now, with help from AI, Robots are learning new skills. AI enables them to interact with UI elements to complete tasks, read and process documents, communicate in natural language, and analyze and optimize processes.


UiPath is investing in four key areas of AI to enable our customers to automate increasingly complex and cognitive tasks.

visual understanding
Visual Understanding

Recognize and complete UI elements with human-like precision, lowering the need for technical selectors or APIs and maintaining automation robustness even after software upgrades.

document understanding
Document Understanding 

Develop insight into new sources of unstructured data including invoice extraction and processing as well as template-less processing of receipts and expenses .

Process Understanding

Observe user behavior to automatically discover and learn common tasks and processes. Prioritize automation opportunities of identified processes based on expected ROI. Auto-generate Robot configurations based on as-is design and with efficiency improvements.

big-scale copy 2
Conversational Understanding

Analyze Sentiment of text, chat, and voice inputs, classify inputs in order to automatically route them to the right team, and execute requests and actions from ChatBots and Voice Assistants.


UiPath has partnered with over 60 AI Technology Partners to deliver specialized, industry and solution specific skills.

Learn more about UiPath’s full list of over 60 AI Technology Partners at Go!

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Drag and Drop AI

Add AI Skills to your automation in 3 steps


Open UiPath Studio


Drag and Drop an AI Skill into
your Automation Workflow


Customize AI Skills Parameters

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