Simplifying the update cycle with annual self-host releases

Simplifying the UiPath update cycle with annual self-host releases

Today we’re announcing some changes to our delivery strategy. Many of our self-host customers want to deploy annually, which will be easier with these changes.

The changes also reflect broader platform trends. More and more customers are realizing the full value of the UiPath Business Automation Platform through UiPath Automation Cloud™, or through self-hosting with UiPath Automation Suite (on-premises, or in AWS, Azure, or GCP). Also, new features are now deeply integrated into the platform. They leverage (and require) other features and integrations across multiple products, as well as the underlying platform infrastructure of Automation Cloud and Automation Suite.

So we’re making the following adjustments to simplify annual deployment and maximize the value of each update we deliver:

  1. We are moving to a single annual release each October for self-hosted server delivery options. The next release of Automation Suite and standalone-installed server products will therefore be 2024.10, followed by the 2025.10 release next year.

  2. UiPath desktop products (Studio, Assistant, and Robot) will also be updated in October each year, but there may be interim releases to take full advantage of new Automation Cloud™ capabilities. For example, in 2024 we are planning desktop releases in June and October so we can deliver UiPath Autopilot™ for developers and testers as soon as possible.

With these changes, you can expect:

  • Fewer, but richer, platform releases for our self-host customers. This change will enable them to plan for one annual update and focus test efforts and compatibility work on a smaller version matrix. Moving to annual releases will also enable us to focus on delivering more features in each update rather than preparing more frequent updates for release.

  • Continued frequent updates of Automation Cloud, with releases approximately every two weeks. Automation Cloud will remain the most comprehensive and easiest way for most customers to realize the full platform value.

  • Continued support for our standalone-installed server products (such as UiPath Orchestrator) for customers who only require core RPA capability on Windows. We recommend planning a future migration to Automation Cloud or Automation Suite for maximum platform value, as not all new product features can be delivered this way.

  • No changes to how we deliver any required security updates and patches.

We remain fully committed to “cloud-first, customer choice”. We recommend Automation Cloud to customers who want our most comprehensive platform capabilities and latest updates on a more frequent basis. For customers who need a self-hosted solution, we recommend Automation Suite if you have Linux and Kubernetes expertise—it is our most feature-rich self-host delivery model.

If you have any concerns or questions about this change to annual release, or how to get the most value out of your investment in UiPath technology, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your UiPath Account team or partner.

Craig Dewar

Vice President, Product Marketing, UiPath

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