2021 UiPath Community Year in Review

2021 UiPath Community Year in Review

Now that 2021 has ended, we want to celebrate what we have achieved as a community and prepare ourselves for 2022 with an abundance of connections, knowledge, and features to try.  

In spring 2021, we hit a major milestone, crossing 1.5 million users in the entire UiPath ecosystem.

UiPath ecosystem

The most active users on the UiPath Forum were recognized for being among the first 100,000 members by getting a unique collection badge on their profile. Thank you to each of you for being awesome!    

The most active users

It was the year of the new and diverse. We launched new features and programs to help you learn and engage in the automation space on all your needs: from finding mentors to practicing based on real use cases crowdsourced in the community to getting the latest jobs available on the market.    

Many other active members supported the community team in growing the community. There is no community without its ardent community leaders. In 2021, we saw more Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) than ever, new Automation Champions, the first wave of Student Developer Champions, and more and more Forum top contributors and mentors supporting their peers with answers to questions.    

Thousands of new citizen developers have been onboarded with the help of the Reboot Your Skills program and the engaging RPA Summer School hosted by the awesome MVPs: Afe Araromi, Hanh Nguyen, Nicolas Erlichman and Nidhi Chaturvedi. 


And it’s not a good year without the community-driven, innovative solutions resulting from the different hackathons that we hosted: the Automation for Good HyperHack, which gave a hand into automation for NGOs and educational communities, and the hunt for the best Center of Excellence (CoE) challenged some of the most committed CoE teams among our customers. 

Automation for Good HyperHack

2021 was the year with the largest exposure in global public communities: with Alp hosting his workshop in the We are Developers community, Priya participating in Women in Tech, and Boris sharing his perspective on automation in the Software Engineers Daily podcast, to share a few.    

Software Engineers Daily podcast
Software Engineers Daily podcast

We celebrated Diwali and appreciated our community members and closed the year with a collection of winter songs created with your participation.   

collection of winter songs

Our aim to connect and share raised the opportunity for launching the community newsletter. Twice a month, we continue to bring our audience the most exciting news, trends, events, and features from the automation world.  

For the cherry on top, we made it into the finalist category of the CMX Awards — the awards that recognize the best and most engaging communities. Each vote counted and the jury considered us to make it to the final in the following categories: Growth Marketing Community, Best User Groups program, B2B Community Manager, Developer Community Professional, Executive of a Community Manager. We are proud of each community member and leader who contributed to the automation space.    

Andreea Tomescu is our shining star, an engaging and inspiring community builder to win the community professional of the year 2022! We are grateful for the valuable work you are crafting each day. 

CMX Awards

With all the good that 2021 brought into the life of the UiPath Community, we look forward to engaging further and seeing you grow as professionals in your area of expertise while leaning on solid connections in the UiPath Community. You can count on the UiPath Community— we'll be here to support you on your path to success.     


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Corina Gheonea

Senior Director, Marketing Community, UiPath