Celebrating women's journeys and inspiring the future


A pledge for inclusivity and empowerment

We're still buzzing from the incredible "Women in Automation 2024" program at UiPath. Today we're mainly remembering insights from the opening panel, an event filled with inspiring stories, powerful calls to action, and a whole lot of "you got this!" vibes for women in tech. You can find the recordings from all the events in the series right here.

Let's face it, the tech world can sometimes feel a bit one-sided, and in the UiPath Community we agree that diversity rocks. We're all about creating a space where people feel welcome and empowered. Having a mix of voices and perspectives at the table leads to better ideas and more innovative solutions.

Meet the powerhouse panel

This year's panel discussion was like a masterclass in resilience, passion, and shattering glass ceilings. We were fortunate enough to hear from some truly phenomenal women who shared their unique journeys through the tech landscape.

  • Paula Carneiro Cox: this force of nature took a setback (getting laid off!) and turned it into a springboard for incredible new adventures, both in location and profession. Her message? Challenges are stepping stones, not roadblocks. Discover yourself wholly absorbing all experiences, whether negative or positive, into your personal growth story. Embrace the unknown and see where life takes you!

  • Monica Luca: ever feel like you're stuck in the hamster wheel of work-life balance? Monica gets it. She shares her journey from software engineer to product manager, reminding us that finding work that pushes your boundaries while sparking joy is the key to true success. Monica speaks plainly about how she struggled with keeping a balance between work and home, arguing that true success lies in being happy while making sure that one does not lose oneself in the process. Don't forget to have some fun along the way!

  • Tamara Tardy: re-entering the workforce after maternity leave can be a daunting experience. Tamara bravely opens up about her journey, a reality many women in tech face. She speaks about the initial doubts and the internal battles she fought to reclaim her space in a highly competitive field. Tamara highlights the valuable role support systems—mentors, family, colleagues—play in helping women reclaim their space and chase their dreams with confidence.

  • A big shout-out to Sharon Palawandram: our amazing panel moderator! She wasn't just keeping the conversation flowing, she was like a maestro, skillfully weaving the panelists' stories together and drawing out their most powerful insights. Sharon helped ignite a fire in everyone there, inspiring women to recognize their potential and grab the reins as leaders in the tech world.

Forging a path for future generations of women in automation

These are just a few of the amazing women who shared their stories during the Women in Automation 2024 program. Each experience was unique, but they all resonated with a common theme: the power of community. Whether it's finding a mentor to guide you, celebrating each other's wins big and small, or simply knowing you're not alone in navigating the tech world, having a strong network of support makes a world of difference.

The event wasn't just about celebrating past achievements—it was a call to action for the future. We all have a vital role to play in creating a more inclusive tech landscape where everyone feels welcome and empowered to thrive.

Now is the time: an AI and automation advantage for women

The world is changing fast, and AI and automation are at the center of it all. This technological revolution is creating a unique opportunity for women in tech. While women have been underrepresented in the industry and now hold around 27% of tech jobs, the skills gap between genders is narrowing.

The digital age has brought about a wealth of educational resources that are available to everyone regardless of their background or location in the world. You’ve got events and workshops aimed specifically towards automation and AI implementation. You have the UiPath Academy that offers programs tailored to AI and automation. You can take on Forum challenges to test your skills. You can read the UiPath Community newsletter to keep up with fresh information on AI and automation. We've written a guide that can help you become an integral part of the local and global community of AI and automation professionals. All of this and many more initiatives from UiPath or other companies make it easier for women to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in these rapidly growing fields.

There's also a strong argument to be made that diversity of thought and experience leads to better innovation. Women bring unique perspectives to the table, and their contributions are essential for developing well-rounded and effective automation and AI solutions. By closing the gender gap in tech, we can unlock the full potential of these fields and make sure everyone benefits from their advancements. Studies have shown that companies with a more diverse workforce outperform their less-diverse counterparts. This means that by embracing women in automation and AI, businesses can empower their female employees and also gain a significant competitive edge.

Let's talk about it: questions to spark change

We leave you with a powerful set of questions designed to ignite conversation and reflection. Open dialogue is key to progress, so grab a cup of coffee, gather your tech-savvy colleagues, or spark a conversation on the UiPath Forum around them. Let's delve into these critical questions:

  • Building inclusive environments: how can we create spaces where women not to survive but thrive and lead the charge in automation?

  • Shattering stereotypes: those biases about women in tech? Let's dismantle them, brick by brick! How can we challenge these stereotypes and create a more inclusive environment that fosters opportunity for all?

  • Mentorship matters: imagine the next generation of women in automation taking the world by storm! How can we all contribute to building a strong network of mentors and providing the support needed for future generations to flourish?

  • Supporting working mothers: returning to work after a career break can feel overwhelming. What kind of support systems can we put in place to make sure women have clear pathways to leadership roles and opportunities for advancement?

  • Men as allies: we're stronger together! How can men in tech become allies to women and actively champion diversity initiatives within their organizations?

  • Beyond gender: diversity goes beyond just gender. How can we make sure our efforts are inclusive of everyone, regardless of race, sexuality, or background?

  • Inspiring young girls: let's get girls inspired by different ares like science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) from a young age! What can we do to spark their interest and build a future where women in tech are the norm, not the exception?

  • The power of storytelling: sharing our experiences is a powerful tool for change! How can we amplify the voices of women in tech and use their stories to inspire and empower others?

  • Closing the pay gap: equal work deserves equal pay! How can we address the gender pay gap and make sure women are valued and compensated fairly for their contributions?

Andreea Tomescu
Andreea Tomescu

Senior Marketing Community Manager, UiPath