Enhance Your AI Automation Developer Skills

Enhance Your AI Automation Developer Skills

There is a world of possibilities in automation and artificial intelligence (AI) is just making things even more exciting. If your role is now in developing process workflows that help your organization automate mundane tasks and repetitive processes, or identify opportunities for digital transformation, the latest developments and expanded use of AI, computer vision, ChatGPT, Bard, and other specific tools are things you heard or tried lately. We collected a series of learning resources, mentors to follow, UiPath Academy courses and use case ideas to get you up to speed in expanding your skillset as an AI automation developer mastering the use of the UiPath Business Automation Platform.

1. Self-paced learning in structured UiPath Academy courses.

The UiPath Academy offers all the learning you need to get enabled in using all the products, functionalities and best practices in developing simple and intelligent automation workflows. UiPath AI Center™ Overview helps you improve the decision making in your automation projects and simplify the management and deployment of machine learning. It also shows you practical ways to upload and deploy datasets, all in a three hours dynamic self-paced course.

One of the recent additions to the platform, namely UiPath Communications Mining, is changing the game of intelligent discovery through its powerful mining capabilities and ease of use. Check out the UiPath Communications Mining Overview to get a good idea of what it offers in just one hour. Then you can get to adding the Communications Mining Model Trainer skillset to your profile from the dedicated learning plan.

If you have not visited the UiPath Academy in the past months, there’s nothing to worry about. There is an entire course dedicated to the latest developments in the UiPath Platform Long-Term Support version to help you keep up to date. Check the course to find out if you missed any new enhancements. Not as new as the others, but UiPath Document Understanding course continues to give you the information you need in using intelligent document processing, digitizing scanned and native PDFs, practicing data extraction and more.

2. Try the UiPath Business Automation Platform capabilities and latest developments

The most effective learning happens when you also get to practice, so make sure you are all set to explore and practice in developing your own workflows in the UiPath Business Automation Platform. In case you miss any specific documentation, you can check it at any time in the UiPath Documentation Portal. To support every professional to get the most out of their working day, creativity and valuable time, we launched UiPath Clipboard AI to free up the best in us. You can join the list of early adopters and shape the world by using automation and AI in your day-to-day routine. While you dig into the platform capabilities, feel free to join specific conversations on the UiPath Forum or share your valuable feedback and insights.

3. Join UiPath Community sessions and engage directly with community experts and product managers.

Learning, adoption and creation of new skills happen in a continuous exchange with others. We invite you to share ideas and discover the art of possible in using automation and AI through engaging community events where we showcase diverse demos, tutorials and how-to's presented virtually or in person. Join the sessions that fit your needs or participate in the local community around you. We recommend you keep an eye on the Dev Dive series, where UiPath product managers and experts bring you monthly showcases. In case you missed sessions, you can check the recordings. UiPath AI Summit was a hit and you can get the recording of the sessions on demand and find out all the latest announcements and developments when it comes to AI automation using UiPath.

4. Follow mentors and MVPs that are already leading the space and share from their practice.

The boundaries of AI and automation are pushed by amazing professionals and community experts that put their passion, mind and knowledge in their craft. generating new content for others, reusable components, innovative workflows or different technology integrations. You can find them on the UiPath Forum, on their own YouTube channels, LinkedIn networks, or as speakers and mentors in the UiPath Community. See their profiles here and feel free to get in touch with them. To recognize the ones with the highest contribution in spreading the use of AI in automation, we have the following regional MVP ambassadors:

5. Get inspired by other community members' ideas and share your own use cases.

With all the resources and platform capabilities around you, we strongly encourage everyone to give it a try, practice different automation processes, use cases that you encounter on the Forum, or draft your own ideas and make them a reality. If you want to start while learning and being guided, try the following tutorials published in the UiPath Community Blog.

We conducted an AI use cases challenge to hear from community members on innovative ways of using AI and automation, and we were impressed to see the diversity of cases, departments and industries where AI and automation were put to work. Check the ten winning solutions and give them a try directly on the Forum use cases repository.

As RPA developers, solution architects, infrastructure engineers and many others in automation, AI is here to enhance your solutions, make your work more strategic, relevant, and with even higher impact. You can also get more from ‌using prompt engineering to help you be more effective in your role as an RPA developer. Here are some examples of written prompts that Lucas Pimenta, UiPath MVP, shared. For different other uses to hack your way into using generative models, check the following ten ideas on “Leveraging ChatGPT in Automation Development and Design”.

There is an entire world of possibilities, resources and breakthroughs that wait to be created in the space of AI and automation. With an endless list of other resources, we encourage you to continue to build your skills with confidence and curiosity and join the community to keep yourself up to date and at the top of your game. In UiPath Community we shape together the profession of automation developers. Share your voice as part of the 2023 State of the Automation Professional Survey and let’s hear from you on the next best thing in using automation and AI.


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