How to Become a Citizen Developer in 2022

How to Become a Citizen Developer in 2022


In a fast-moving society, the working environment is continuously changing. Lifelong learning acts like a dotted line that helps employees build their career paths. We all need opportunities to learn new and different skills and have the possibility to switch careers. In this article, you can find out some ideas for building your career path as a citizen developer.  

No-code or low-code platforms give citizen developers the prospect of creating automations. Citizen developers typically come from a non-technical background to create and enhance applications capabilities. Citizen developers are creating momentum in digital transformation. Their superpowers are soft skills, including an in-depth understanding of individual tasks and processes in each department. 

How to become a citizen developer?

Think about joining a vibrant ecosystem of professionals who are learning, supporting, and succeeding in their automation careers. If you expect to discover courses, events, programs, support, latest news in automation, the UiPath Community is the place for you.  

With more than 1.5 million users worldwide, you can easily get up to speed with the latest features of the UiPath platform and connect with others. Discover a dedicated space to start learning about robotic process automation (RPA). UiPath Community brings together people from all over the world and facilitates the context to learn and experience a recognized product in the automation market. A big advantage of our platform is that it is very easy to use and very intuitive due to the user interface. If you want to keep yourself up to date with trends, best practices, and products, join the UiPath Community.

Here is a brief overview of what you can find in our community.  

How you can forge your career path?

UiPath Academy, with more than 1.5 million learners, is a free training platform to help you reskill and upskill. It’s a way to forge a new career path. The UiPath Certified Professional is a program designed to help you improve and advance in your career. The certification is available for all RPA roles, either for building strong foundational technical skills or gaining a deeper level of expertise. There are two types of certifications, depending on your experience: UiPath Certified RPA Associate and UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer.  

UiPath Certified RPA Associate is dedicated around skills to build  simple automation solutions. It is suitable for college graduates, or for those who want to pursue an RPA role, including junior RPA developers, RPA architects, solution architects, business analysts.  

UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer is recommended for candidates with more than six months' working experience in developing RPA solutions. The certification is recommended for advanced RPA roles like: RPA developers, solution architects, and RPA architects. Find out how you can achieve the UiPath Advanced Developer Certification in the  blog article: 6 Steps to Pass the UiPath Advanced Certification Exam. 

At any moment, you can get help from professionals by visiting the UiPath Forum. The forum is a dedicated hub to leverage the latest updates on UiPath products, to explore the knowledge base library, ask for support, learn from use cases, and find job opportunities.    


Automation investments are estimated to increase in 2022 and citizen developers and proficient developers will be involved in the momentum. Looking with urgent optimism into the future, it is important to embrace change and see it as an opportunity in the working environment. At any time, you can choose to begin courses and start advancing your skillset. There are plenty of opportunities to explore. If you are a citizen developer, a student, experienced in programming languages, or curious about automation, start your journey today.

Oana Chicioroaga
Oana Chicioroaga

RPA Content Manager, UiPath