UiPath Community year in review 2023



Celebrating our collective achievements, 2023 marked a significant leap towards AI-driven automation, strengthening our vibrant community that challenges AI at Work. Let’s acknowledge some remarkable enhancements, achievements, and results of the year that we had.

Our global outreach expanded with about 600 community events across over 80 chapters, blending in-person interactions with virtual meetups. This success reflects the dedication of our chapter leaders, whose voluntary efforts have been instrumental in nurturing local communities. This way, they are democratizing access to automation knowledge. We acknowledge and appreciate community members for everything they do for the automation community!

Key community initiatives and programs that shaped 2023

The Women in Automation program, a celebration that brings together women leaders, professionals, and curious learners that want to develop in the space of automation. Over 25 speakers and mentors supported the event, ‌and ‌more than 1,500 women were interested in the program.

For the second year in a row, UiPath Community conducted the Automation for Good Community Stories event. An open call for projects within our global community was launched. We gathered automation projects that had a direct impact on vulnerable groups, optimizing the well-being of ‌society. The implemented projects go beyond the primary benefits of automation, diving into a greater mission and vision of the non-governmental industries. This year, six automation projects were featured. With topics ranging from process optimization and volunteers management, scaling automation workforce through training, social work enhancement, to human rights abuse detection. The event was opened by our UiPath Foundation colleagues, with a snippet into their own efforts led together with the center of excellence team.

The UiPath Dev-Dives 2023 series, a year-long initiative, brings the latest use cases and product developments straight from UiPath product leaders. A hands-on webinar series that empowers automation developers and center of excellence teams to scale up faster and generate more value. In 2024, we are continuing the series with UiPath Dev-Dives 2024.

Focused events on technology integrations and connectors captivated thousands, enriching knowledge and engagement. New groups for testers, business analysts, and AI automation professionals emerged, marking a significant growth in diverse expertise. Business Analyst community event series 2023 was an online training to guide participants. The recommended learning path is designed ‌to obtain the UiPath Academy Automation Business Analyst Foundation diploma. Last not least, the journey ended with getting certified with UiPath Certified Automation Business Analyst (UiABA) certification.

State of the Automation Professional 2023, our annual UiPath Community industry report offers insights into what drives job satisfaction. This year, the report was based on a global survey of 1,639 automation professionals and students. We expanded the research universe to include all automation professional roles. A new section about AI was introduced to better understand perceptions and openness to integrate it in their daily activities.

Most Valuable Professionals, one of our main advocacy pillars, helps us each year to create a solid community characterized by contribution. In 2023, we selected 122 top-notch specialists that together with product leaders, shaped the product roadmap. With innovation at the epicenter, the MVP Summits conducted in EMEA, APAC, and AMER brought a well-curated UiPath product agenda. Hear from their experiences.

If you missed any of the programs, you can follow and browse our UiPath Community YouTube dedicated channel to deep dive into the content of these events.

2023 was the year when technology was disrupted by huge advancements in AI and this evolution was also visible in the growth of our community. The career of many automation developers evolved towards AI automation roles. We see increased numbers of developers mastering tools like UiPath AI Center™, Document Understanding, Communications Mining. Part of the evolution of their projects is integrating Generative AI in their process orchestrations using UiPath.

Highlights include:

  • The debut of almost 100 UiPath AI automation champions growing local communities

  • 122 incredible MVPs at the forefront of innovation, published books, and innovative use cases of AI and automation

  • Our first AI-focused challenges, where use cases of AI and automation were presented

  • The first in-person hackathon AI at Work. Over a hundred participants showcased their ideas in using AI automation

  • To support the evolution of the field, the AI automation certification was introduced and is now a coveted achievement among members

2023 was an incredible year for many other evolutions of the UiPath Business Automation Platform. UiPath Clipboard AI was launched and recognized as one of the innovations of the year. UiPath Studio Web available to get you up to speed in building your automations directly in the browser. The exciting news was around UiPath Autopilot™, announced at FORWARD VI. This development shifted the perspective on how processes can be simply described and easily generated as a process flow directly in UiPath Studio.

We've integrated AI functionalities into our UiPath Community Forum, maintaining high-quality support and human interaction. Last year we saw over 25,000 unique threads, a testament to our engaging and collaborative community.

We recently concluded the Community Satisfaction Survey 2023 and are grateful for the support received from our community members. With over 800 respondents, we've learned about the most popular learning path. They include engagement in the UiPath Community Forum, completing courses on the UiPath Academy, and exploring the UiPath Documentation Portal. The drive to learn new skills, stay updated with platform developments, and build connections within the automation community is inspiring.

Another insight that draws ‌attention is the product focus area. 2024 expects community members engaged in learning UiPath AI Center™, UiPath Apps, UiPath Communications Mining, and UiPath Automation Cloud™.

Eighty-six percent of ‌‌community members are satisfied with their automation journeys. In this sense, UiPath Community is an ecosystem that proves helpful in sustaining automation professionals' evolution and growth. The value of belonging to the UiPath Community is in‌ continuous growth, and we see intentions for learning in 2024. Becoming experts in using AI Center™ and Communications Mining and elevating the transition towards AI automation careers.


Looking forward to 2024! We're already gearing up for an exciting year with events like the in-person UiPath DevCon in Bangalore this February. Expect more community events globally, Forum updates, and insightful tutorials on the community blog. Check out the guide we created for you to maximize your journey in the automation space. Let's shape together community strategies, initiatives, and product vision and mission.

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Corina Gheonea

Senior Director, Marketing Community, UiPath