UiPath Studio Web

Your web-based automation canvas

UiPath Studio Web enables users to build and test cross-platform automations across online business apps and services. Studio Web is the recommended tool for getting started with automation. Start your journey today in UiPath Cloud.

Instant start to automation

Instant start to automation

Studio Web offers a fast, frictionless start to automation right from your browser.  

  • No IT dependencies, no installation 

  • No programming experience needed 

  • Free for everyone (no license required)

Browser-based start to your automation journey

A tool for all skills and backgrounds

More people can now build automations as it’s easy to get started with Studio Web. Additionally, any Studio Web project can be seamlessly transferred to Studio or StudioX for advanced features and Desktop UI automation.

Native integration with UiPath Document Understanding

Native integration with UiPath Document Understanding

Extracting data from various documents just got easier. Find out how you can use predefined Extractor ML Models that don’t require any local installation with Document Understanding.

Transform IT application testing

Ideally suited for IT automation

Studio Web and serverless robots empower IT departments to get started quickly. And easily automate cloud and ITSM tasks directly from the browser, without the need for additional desktop software tools. 

  • Efficiency, speed, and expanded capacity with serverless robots

  • Easily provision, configure, and deploy automations on the cloud

  • Automate responses to cyber-related incidents

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Cross-platform ready image

Cross-platform ready

Whether you’re looking to automate a web service on Chrome on macOS, or uploading files on Google Drive on Linux, our activities can help you with that. 

Harness the power of UiPath Integration Service

Studio Web offers hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations for online services like Microsoft365, Google Workspace, Salesforce. It also enables the creation of custom online integrations using UiPath Integration Service.

Full compatibility between desktop and web cross-platform automation projects means that Integration Service empowers the same capabilities across all Studio options. 

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Watch the Web Automation Summit on-demand

Discover how to:

  • Build user-friendly automations right in your browser

  • Harness the power of the web to unite your enterprise software stack, processes, and people

  • Drive faster business value, greater efficiency, and higher employee satisfaction

Meet UiPath Studio family of products to automate whatever you need

Studio Web

Automate across online apps and services with Studio Web.


Need to automate beyond web? Switch to StudioX and create desktop automations for yourself—or your peers—in a secure, governed way.


Eager to automate even more complex scenarios? Share your automation with RPA developers for them to enhance it further in Studio.

Get Studio Web today and start automating