Unlock AI-driven Automation at Speed

Unlock AI-driven Automation at Speed


How can you enable your robots to analyze and understand at speed emails, tickets, and more? Leverage the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and automation. You can deep dive in a live demo at Dev Dives.

This March, UiPath Dev Dives series puts AI and automation into the spotlight. As AI breakthroughs continue to emerge, it's paramount to understand how and where to leverage this technology in conjunction with automation. Together with Tom Golebiowski, UiPath Communications Mining expert, we'll showcase how developers can unlock AI-driven automation with semantic automation and communications mining. You'll uncover the integrated AI capabilities of the UiPath Platform and learn how to leverage them within your automations to drive digital transformation across your organization.

What to expect?

Before the live session on March 30, I want to give you a brief look at what you can discover and learn. It's a great opportunity to explore how UiPath Communications Mining leverages AI and Natural Language Programming (NLP) to understand and action every message at speed and scale. You'll get a glimpse into how the platform capabilities connect to, interpret, and map out various communications that are occurring in and around your organization and how to use it to drive automations.

Another important learning will be to empower UiPath Robots with the ability to understand the data they are working with. The session will cover use cases around IT ticket triaging, email triaging and will dive into discussions around other types of unstructured communications data. Communications Mining can be leveraged to transform and enhance how organizations work with this information.  

Also, Communications Mining is one way of enabling semantic automation within your company. By 'semantic automation' we mean giving software robots the ability to execute processes with a higher level of understanding of the data and information they are working with. The UiPath Platform has AI built into it and has features, such as UiPath AI Center™ and UiPath Integration Service, that allow you to bring AI model into your automations.  

During the event, we'll go through ways in which you can bring AI into your processes to achieve semantic automation and help you uncover areas and use cases in your organization where it may make sense to build in this capability.  

Bringing AI and ML capabilities into your automation will enable you and your team to build workflows faster and with enhanced reliability while providing more power for your automations and users. Communications Mining and semantic automation will give your team the ability to drive efficiency, return of investment (ROI), and digital transformation for the entire organization.  

How to join?

If this sounds interesting to you, don't hesitate to join us on March 30. Follow the links below to save your seat. Don't forget to prepare your questions. See you there. 

Unlock AI-driven automation with semantic automation and communications mining 

If you missed the first two Dev Dives sessions, the recordings are available. UiPath Dev Dives is a year-long interactive webinar series designed to empower automation developers and CoE teams to build smarter automations and scale up faster. Each month, Dev Dives aims to help you gain hands-on experience with the new capabilities of the UiPath Business Automation Platform. 


Dhruv Patel
Dhruv Patel

Senior Sales Solution Architect, UiPath