Customer Portal FAQ

About Customer Portal

  • What is UiPath Customer Portal?

    UiPath Customer Portal is a one-stop-shop for UiPath customers to get key information, insights, and faster services regarding the UiPath Platform. The Customer Portal is the self-service portal for organizations using UiPath products to access UiPath products/platform-related information and interact with UiPath teams. It is designed to give UiPath customers all the required support via a modern experience and help accelerate their automation journey.

  • What is offered as part of the Customer Portal?

    Customer Portal offers faster service and easier access to information and insights. The self-service portal has the following sections:

    Knowledge: This section consists of the Knowledge Base and the Technical Solution Articles. The knowledge base consists of hundreds of informational assets covering product tutorials, onboarding guides, best practices, and videos all curated, updated, and maintained by UiPath experts. You also get access to thousands of technical solutions articles addressing various features and capabilities of the UiPath Platform. You also receive notifications when any new documents are updated in the knowledge base.

    Collaboration: The collaboration space offers a secured space in each account for you to directly share documents and videos of up to 250MB with your team and your respective UiPath contacts in total confidentiality. Contacts: The portal also provides you with information about all the key contacts from UiPath who could help you with specific queries and information.

    License Management: Easily get all the information about the various UiPath Licenses (including the start date, end date, and the quantity) that your organization owns. The RFQ section also allows you to request a quote on the portal by just choosing the SKUs and quantities that you would want to purchase from our product catalog.

    Support: The support dashboard highlights all open and closed tickets from the past 6 months and by clicking on them, you can see all past conversations associated with them. You can even raise an incident case directly from the Customer Portal. Customers who subscribed to the Premium Care service can also send premium care requests via the portal.

  • Where is Customer Portal available?

    As of March 2024, the Customer Portal is now available from within UiPath Automation Cloud™ . Any UiPath customer may sign up for a UiPath Automation Cloud™ account and then create or select their existing organization to access the Customer Portal. When signing up for Automation Cloud™, you can create a new organization or select an existing organization. With this change, existing access to the Customer Portal will remain intact. Existing users (e.g. will be redirected to the respective pages in Automation Cloud™ automatically.

  • Can I access the Customer Portal in UiPath Automation Cloud™ even though my company is not using the Cloud today?

    Yes. On-premises customers can create a free Automation Cloud™ account and then create an organization to continue accessing the Customer Portal.

Registration Process

  • How do I get access to the UiPath Customer Portal?

    As a UiPath Customer, you may use your licensing and your corporate email to register for the Customer Portal. In addition, admin user(s) of the portal will be designated by your organization and are the only ones who have permission to invite other users to join their Customer Portal and they can do it directly from the Customer Portal (see Access and permissions to the Customer Portal section).

    If you received an email invitation to join UiPath Customer Portal from UiPath or from an admin user from your organization, you need to go to and fill in the information in the registration form. You can only register with the email address you received the invitation. Once you register, please complete the verification of your email.

  • How do I verify my email address?

    Access to the Customer Portal requires a UiPath account; attempting to access automatically directs you to sign in or login. You will receive a second email asking you to verify your email. Please check your spam inbox in case the email ended up there. Click on the “Verify your email” button to complete the email verification process.

Access and permissions to the Customer Portal

  • I am unable to see anything on the portal once I log in.

    If you managed to log in with your credentials, you should be able to access the information about your account(s). Please note that the Customer Portal can only be accessed by using the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. If you are attempting to sign up for the first time on the Customer Portal, you may find it useful to follow the steps of the registration process described earlier.

  • How can I invite other people from my organization to the Customer Portal?

    Only the Customer Portal Admin(s) of the account can invite users to the portal. They can invite as many users as they want by logging in to the portal account and selecting Team Users from the Company section on the menu. From the Team Users screen, they can click the "Add Users" button to send invitation emails to new users.

  • I am new to UiPath, how can I access Customer Portal?

    UiPath customers with a valid license can self-register for the Customer Portal, and if no users exist, set up the initial admin access. See REGISTRATION PROCESS above for more detail.

  • How do I know if new users are added to my Customer Portal?

    Customer Portal Admin(s) will be notified any time a new user is added in the following scenarios:

    • User self-registers

    • User invited by UiPath’s Account or Support team

  • What access is given to users that self-register for Customer Portal?

    New users, as part of the registration process, are granted access to support only, limiting access to personal and/or sensitive data.

  • How can I restrict users from self-registering for my company's Customer Portal account?

    Customer Portal Admin(s) can control the ability for users to self-register, thereby giving accounts the option to limit who from within their company can access the Customer Portal. From the Team users screen, they can find the “Restrict access to invite only” setting.

  • How do I know who are the Customer Admin(s) from my company?

    If you have admin rights to the portal, then you can see the list of Customer Admin(s) for your organization from the list of Team Users under the "Company" tab in the Customer Portal.

  • Can UiPath appoint and invite more Customer Admins?

    UiPath is here to help when necessary. If you have trouble registering for the Customer Portal or need to replace an existing admin, your account team or UiPath support can help. The following scenarios exist:

    • If your account already has some users, then the Customer Admin(s) of the account can invite other users as Customer Admin(s). For this, the Customer Admin should log in to the portal account and select Team Users from the Company section in the menu. From the Team Users’ view, they can add as many users as they want and select "Customer Admin" permissions for them.

    • If your account does not have any users yet, then the first users to successfully register can request admin access or suggest the appropriate role in your company.

    • If your existing Customer Portal Admin(s) are no longer able to fulfill their duties, a request should be sent to the UiPath Account Owner to inform him/her that you want a specific (or another) person to be appointed as Customer Admin(s).

  • Can I edit my profile or contact information?

    If you have access to the portal, then you can edit your profile and contact details in the "Edit Profile" section. You can also see all the Customer Portal accounts you belong to and the permissions you have for each account.

  • Can users be provided with different levels of permissions to view/edit the account?

    Yes. The Customer Portal allows the Customer Admin(s) to choose the kind of permissions that they would like to provide to each of the users they invite. Permission can be given to each user to view/edit different sections like License, Support, Collaboration Space, etc. in the Customer Portal.

  • Do I get notifications upon the addition of new content to the Customer portal?

    Yes, you can see all the new documents added to your Collaboration Space or in the Knowledge Base section via the notification icon in the menu. You can also request to receive weekly email notifications on all new content added or updated in your portal by activating the weekly notifications feature from the "notification settings" section.

License Management

  • Where can I find the information about my company licenses for UiPath products?

    Information about your UiPath licenses can be found in the license section under the "Company" tab. In there, you will find the list of all the active orchestrators and associated products that have been assigned to your account. For more information about license information available via the Customer Portal, feel free to reach out to your UiPath contacts.

  • What does the end date in the license section mean?

    The end dates that you can see in the license section of your account are end dates of stand-alone products or orchestrators. Those end dates do not apply to the products provisioned under each orchestrator. If you would like more information about your licenses and their end dates, please reach out to your UiPath Account Manager.

  • Can I download the license information available in the portal?

    Yes. You can download the license information in CSV format by clicking on the Download CSV button in the License section. You can even nickname each product and add notes that will be visible to all users of the account via the menu next to each orchestrator.

Request for quote

  • What is the Request for Quote section in the Customer Portal?

    The Request Quote feature allows you to select different types of products and to request a quote directly from the portal to your UiPath Account Manager. Depending on the type of orchestrator you select, the portal will display all compatible SKUs that you can add to it.

    Once you have selected the SKUs and the quantities that you want, you can choose the preferred activation date and duration of the license you intend to purchase. And by clicking the Request Quote button, your request will be sent by email to your UiPath Account Manager who will address your request in the shortest possible time. For any inquiry about our product catalog, feel free to reach out to your UiPath Account Manager.

  • Can I shop for UiPath products through the Customer Portal?

    The Customer Portal does not have a shopping feature yet. However, you can access our product catalog via the Request Quote section and request a quote for the UiPath SKUs that you will select.

  • Why am I not able to request a quote?

    Only users with permissions to request a quote can send an RFQ via the Customer Portal. To review your permissions, you can reach out to the Customer Admin(s) of your account who have set up permissions for you. Admin users can be found in the Team Users section.

Support and Premium Support

  • What does the Support section in the Customer Portal contain?

    The Support section provides a dashboard view of all your organization’s open and closed support tickets with UiPath in the past six months. It also shows the conversations related to each of these tickets.

  • Can I raise an incident case/support ticket from the Customer Portal?

    Yes, if the Customer Admin of your account has granted you permission to raise incident cases, you can do so in the Incident Cases section under the Support tab. From there you can click the Create New Case button and your case will be automatically forwarded to a UiPath agent. We also suggest that you check out the technical solution articles first (in the Knowledge section) to see if your queries are addressed by any of those articles.

  • Can we access Premium Care support from the Customer Portal?

    If you are a Premium Care support customer, then you will have access to Premium Care dashboards from the Customer Portal with toll-free numbers and analytics. Premium Care tickets can be raised via the "Add New Case" button of the Premium Case section.

  • Where can I find information related to my technical issues?

    The Technical Articles section has been built and is updated every day to help you find solutions to your technical issues. You can search specific issues by using the search bar in the Technical Articles section under the "Knowledge" tab. If you cannot find the answer to your questions, you can raise a support ticket from the Support section of the portal.

  • What happens if Customer Portal is down and I need to request or update a support ticket?

    UiPath Support public case request form is separate from Customer Portal in UiPath Automation Cloud™, and can be accessed from . A license is required to validate supportability.

Collaboration Space

  • What is the Collaboration Space in the Customer Portal?

    Access to the Collaboration Space is granted by your Customer Admin(s). It is a secure space where you can upload, share, and organize documents. The documents you upload in this Collaboration section are shared between your team and your dedicated UiPath contacts who are bound by strict confidentiality agreements. In this space, you should share only those documents that you are allowed to, in accordance with your company's internal regulations.

  • I am unable to upload documents in the Collaboration Space.

    Only users with permissions to edit in the Collaboration Space can upload documents and videos. To review your permissions, you can reach out to the Admin(s) of your account who have set up permissions for you. Admin users can be found in the Team Users section.

  • What is the maximum file size that I can upload in the Collaboration Space?

    Documents or videos up to 250 MB can be uploaded to your Collaboration Space. For more information about the Collaboration Space, feel free to check the Collaboration Space section in our User Guide.

Customer Portal Security

  • What kind of security features does the Customer Portal use to protect my data?

    The Customer Portal utilizes state-of-the-art security to protect customer data.

  • More details on the Customer Portal security features

    The Customer Portal:

    • Has been built in Microsoft Azure and uses all the related security, compliance, and privacy features offered by Azure

    • Uses HTTPS to ensure traffic is encrypted during transmission

    • Utilizes a key vault mechanism to protect database access by encrypting data at rest

    • Enforces strict access controls to our infrastructure in Azure

    • Supports strict Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) to control who can see data

    • Protects data with multiple availability zones for high availability