UiPath AI Summit

2023 Agenda


Keynote - 30 min.

The Intersection of AI, NLP, and Automation: Redefining Business Operations for the Future

Join this keynote presentation to kickoff the UiPath AI Summit. Starting with a quick overview of UiPath current state of AI products and capabilities, followed by the latest trends in AI and NLP, and how they're transforming the enterprise landscape, with implications for businesses of all sizes and industries.

This session is a must-attend event for anyone interested in staying ahead of the curve and gaining insights from leaders in the AI community.

Luke Palamara UiPath

Luke Palamara

Boris Evelson

Boris Evelson

Dr. David Barber

Prof. David Barber

When the keynote has ended, we invite you to join one of the following breakout sessions.

Industry Breakout Sessions

Banking & FS - 30 min.

The Power of AI-Driven Automation in Financial Services: Challenges, Successes, and Best Practices

AI-powered automation is helping banks and financial services firms achieve a new standard in operational efficiency. By elevating customer journeys, accelerating lending timelines, and modernizing KYC, automation brings banks into today's digital age. Join this session to gain valuable insight into the challenges, successes, and best practices seen by banks when implementing AI into their automation journeys.

bill hincher uipath

Bill Hincher

Shameiz Hemani

Shameiz Hemani

Nitin Purwar

Nitin Purwar

Insurance - 30 min.

Transforming Insurance Operations: Optimizing Costs with AI-powered Automation

Insurance companies are under urgent pressure to improve customer experience, reduce costs, and increase efficiency to keep up with their increasingly digitized and data-driven competitors. Savvy insurers are turning to AI-powered automation to not only keep up with the pack, but establish a trailblazing competitive advantage. Join us to hear how industry leaders are delivering game-changing results, driving innovation, and transforming their insurance operations using AI tools in the UiPath Platform.


Sathya Sethu

Andrea Simpson USI

Andrea Simpson

Thach Nguyen Hub International

Thach Nguyen

Healthcare - 30 min.

From Document-Driven Processes to Data-Driven Healthcare with AI & Automation

Automation has transformed the healthcare industry by moving it from manual document-driven processes to intelligent and automated workflows. We've improved patient outcomes and nearly solved claims processing. Join our panel of experts as they share real-world use cases, the role of AI, and best practices for implementing robotic process automation (RPA) and AI in healthcare.

Javed Ali, UiPath

Javed Ali

lisa weber uipath healthcare automation

Lisa Weber

Suresh Kumar - Exponent Health

D.S. Suresh Kumar

Public Sector - 30 min.

Driving Mission Impact with AI & Automation

Automation is a mission imperative in the public sector and it's no longer just about RPA or the single automation in the back office. It's an enterprise-wide automation platform that uses intelligent technology like AI to drive more value for the mission. Here from leaders in the public sector who are transforming mission operations through automation and using AI as a force multiplier.

Pradeep Paruchuri UiPath

Pradeep Paruchuri

Jeff Haberman Summit2Sea Consulting

Jeff Haberman

Viktar Zherdetski Anika Systems

Viktar Zherdetski

Manufacturing - 30 min.

The Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: Harnessing AI and Automation to Optimize Business Processes

Join us as we talk with Dexcom, a leading international medical device manufacturer, who saved 175,000 hours using UiPath’s AI-powered products including Document Understanding and Task Mining. Dexcom and our manufacturing lead will share lessons learned and best practices on identifying automation opportunities, measuring the impact of RPA, and optimizing processes. Learn how you can achieve significant time and cost savings with RPA + AI.

Bhavesh Joshi manufacturing automation

Bhavesh Joshi

Steve Sikes Dexcom

Steve Sikes

When your breakout session has ended, we invite you to join one of our product deep dives.

Product Deep Dives

Product Session - 30 min.

Document Understanding: Best Practices & Success Metrics That Matter

Delegate the paperwork to robots - PDFs, images, scans, handwriting - AI & RPA can do it all for you. Join this session to hear the best practices for Document Understanding implementations from UiPath AI experts. Learn how they deal with the common challenges and which metrics they find crucial for success.

Steve Tegeler

Steve Tegeler

Daniel Lerner

Daniel Lerner

Product Session - 30 min.

Communications Mining: Combine AI and Automation to Understand and Action Every Message at Speed and Scale

From sending an email to responding to a customer request, every business conversation matters. But processing these communications has always been manual, costly, and inefficient. Until now.

Join George Barnett Product Management Director for the Communications Mining introduction and live demonstration.

George Barnett UiPath

George Barnett

Product Session - 30 min.

Leveraging the Power of AI Center: Building and Deploying Custom Models

Deep dive into how you can easily manage and train your own machine learning (ML) models or import existing ones to improve your AI-powered automations. Join to learn how AI Center enables the use of custom models for unique use with increasing accuracy and scale.

Jeremy Tederry uipath blog

Jeremy Tederry

Russel Alfeche

Russel Alfeche

When your product session has ended, please join us back in the main session for the closing.

Closing Session

Closing Session - 60 min.

Building the Future of AI + Automation: From the Lab to the Roadmap

Look into the future with us during this final session of the AI Summit, where our team will take you through the UiPath AI roadmap, give you a preview of what we’re working on in generative AI, and recognize AI ambassadors & innovators with the UiPath AI Awards.

Luke Palamara UiPath

Luke Palamara

Scott Schoenberger UiPath

Scott Schoenberger

Cosmin Voicu UiPath

Cosmin Voicu

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