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AI at work in eCommerce: bringing out the hunter in you

Do you have what it takes to be an AI hunter? Paul Kersey, Vice President of Product Management at Bed Bath and Beyond /, explains how he navigated the acquisition of (and transition to) Bed Bath and Beyond, and how his AI hunter methodology enabled his team to identify valuable automation opportunities in the customer experience.

Daya Thakur, Senior Partner Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS), explains how Amazon Connect and UiPath AI-powered automation combine to cut costs, enhance the customer experience, and transform the contact center from top to bottom.

AI and automation combine: customer experience transformation with NTT DOCOMO

As Japan's largest telcommunications company, NTT DOCOMO prides itself on delivering world-class customer experience and pioneering AI-powered innovation. Tsuyoshi Saito, Senior Manager, Smart Life Business Strategy, NTT DOCOMO, INC., recounts his automation journey and explains how he combined automation and AI to drive a 60% reduction in customer churn.

Transforming contact center operations with RPA

Zainab Abbas, Operational Excellence & Intelligent Process Automation Lead, explains how she accelerated beyond the digital adoption strategy at Finastra. Optimizing the call handling experience for both customers and agents, allowing agents to have an increased focus on the customer conversation and less on the transactional and manual tasks, while reducing average handling time through desktop simplification.

Unleashing the power of SKU and PO automation in retail

In today's dynamic retail environment, it's crucial retailers learn how to use Automation to improve productivity when dealing with SKU growth and increased complexity. Foot Locker's Vivek Goel and Daniele Longo explain how they used AI-powered automation to streamline the tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone process of manual SKU and PO creation. Driving an enhanced experience for employees and customers alike.

Boosting your quality of service with AI-powered communications mining

Understand, monitor, and analyze the quality of your customer experience at scale and in real time. Huw Williams, Vice President, Industries, qBotica, and Brad Beumer, Senior Director, Customer Experience Automation, UiPath, take a detailed look at UiPath Communications Mining and its powerful quality of service monitoring capability.

Fireside chat: driving customer experience transformation at Wells Fargo

Rajagopal Malakapalli, Head of Intelligent Automation for Consumer & Small Business Banking Technology, Wells Fargo, joins UiPath Strategic Engagement and Transformation Senior Director Cam Lau for a relaxed but in-depth discussion. Discover how Wells Fargo makes every client interaction exceptional using AI-powered automation.