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The 21.4 Release Show


What to expect from this episode of UiPath Live?

In this special 120-minute extended edition of UiPath Live, you’ll get an overview of our 21.4 release through four different lenses:

1. Our Chief Product Officer will introduce you to new products like Automation Ops.
2. CIO customers will discuss how they are scaling and managing automation programs.
3. Everyday automation users will share what led them to embrace automation.
4. UiPath CEO Daniel Dines will discuss his vision for the fully automated enterprise™ and take questions from our audience.

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Our hosts

Mary Tetlow

Chief Brand Officer

Diego Lomanto

VP Product Marketing

1. Highlights from the UiPath 21.4 Product Release

See inside our newest product, Automation Ops, a more secure way to manage your organization’s automations. Hear about Task Mining, now generally available, and how it’s supercharging process discovery. And keep tabs on Automation Cloud™, which is rapidly expanding its capabilities to help you start instantly and scale infinitely.


Param Kahlon

Chief Product Officer, UiPath

1-Highlights from the UiPath_

2. Managing and Scaling Automation: The CIO Perspective

In this segment, we’ll explore how effectively managing and scaling an automation program is becoming a top priority for chief information officers (CIOs) as they drive toward a fully automated enterprise. Experienced CIOs will share the challenges they’ve faced so far when it comes to managing and scaling automation. They’ll discuss the types of controls and reporting needed to ensure security and confidence, and how the latest features and products in the 21.4 product release align with their needs and goals.

Dr. Quirin Görz

Dr. Quirin Görz

Chief Information Officer, KUKA AG

Prakash Kota

Prakash Kota

Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Autodesk

2- Managing and Scaling Automation_

3. Working with Robots through the Eyes of the User

With automation firmly taking hold in enterprises all over the world, employees are leveraging robots in their day-to-day work. In this segment, you’ll hear from a panel of users about how they are using automation to simplify their jobs, offload tasks, and create more time for higher-value work.


Sidney Madison Prescott

Global Head of Intelligent Automation, Spotify
*Appearing on May 20, 11:00 am EDT / 5:00 pm CET show

Gian Marco Anese

Gian Marco Annese

Project Manager, Business Excellence and Transformation, Spotify
*Appearing on May 20, 11:00 am EDT / 5:00 pm CET show


Stephen Blunt

General Manager Automation & Innovation, The University of Sydney
*Appearing on May 21, 9 am IST / 11:30 am SGT / 1:30 pm AEST show

Ian Buswell

Ian Buswell

Information Management SME, The University of Sydney
*Appearing on May 21, 9 am IST / 11:30 am SGT / 1:30 pm AEST show

3-Working with Robots through the Eyes

4. Live Q&A with UiPath CEO, Daniel Dines

Daniel Dines will share his view of the fully automated enterprise and participate in a live Q&A session hosted by Mary Tetlow and Diego Lomanto.


Daniel Dines

CEO and Co-Founder, UiPath


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