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The Fully Automated Enterprise


What to expect from UiPath Live?

As automation rapidly becomes a boardroom priority, the race is on to achieve true digital transformation.

Watch this episode of UiPath Live to explore the advantages to the fully automated enterprise™ in our world today. Where organizations automate the automatable and empower people to do the work worth doing.

Understand from leading automation practitioners the whys and hows behind becoming a fully automated enterprise and learn how the UiPath Platform can help make this happen today.

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Our hosts

Mary Tetlow

VP Global Brand Experience

Diego Lomanto

VP Product Marketing

What exactly is a fully automated enterprise?

It’s an organization that does these four things

1. Automate the automatable

What is the fully automated enterprise you ask? Your hosts will get right to it and have a conversation about what to automate and the impact on people with guest author, Ravin Jesuthasan of Reinventing Jobs: A 4-Step Approach for Applying Automation to Work.


Ravin Jesuthasan

Global Leader of Transformation Services at Mercer, Futurist, and Author

IMG_01 (1)

2. Provide ‘a robot for every person™’

Imagine the innovations your brilliant team can’t come up with because they’re stuck doing mundane work. It’s sad, right? The fully automated enterprise enables its people by unburdening them from the dull, repetitive work, so they can do the work worth doing.


3. Democratize development

The fully automated enterprise puts the power to create automations into the hands of non-developers. Low-code tools and training enable everyone to create their own automations. Mary and Diego will introduce a UiPath customer who will share their success in making this happen.


Kevin Kroen

PwC Partner, Intelligent Automation Leader​


4. Unleash AI across every facet of work

In this segment, we’ll speak with UiPath artificial intelligence (AI) experts, PD Singh and Bhavana Mathur to learn how the fully automated enterprise uses AI today and what that will look like in the future. 


Bhavana Mathur

VP Product Management, UiPath


PD Singh

VP AI Products, UiPath


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