28 October 2019

Bangalore Product Team Spotlight, Part 1: How Can this Technology Improve our Lives?

28 October 2019

Bangalore Product Team Spotlight, Part 1: How Can this Technology Improve our Lives?

Although it’s quite young, UiPath has grown a lot in the last period. There are around 3000 people working in over 25 countries around the world. You may find some differences and similarities between all these people, but there is one thing that everyone believes in. And that is Robotic Process Automation (RPA). We’ve already seen the engineers and the product managers from Seattle and Bucharest share their opinion on how RPA can impact the way we work today. Now it’s time to read what our colleagues from Bangalore think of it. 

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“RPA is the next big thing in the future. Maybe you have already heard of the term because it is trending everywhere. It is kind of an automation of your business processes that helps you save time and money. And the good part is that although it saves a lot of time, it [the robot] won’t make decisions for you. It will help with all the information, but it is still the human who’s in charge”, says Kartik Iyer from the Bangalore Product Team. 


Kartik Iyer


People need to spend more time on high-value tasks and stay engaged with their work. That is why companies are looking at processes and try to automate the ones that make their employees less productive. In today’s competitive market efficiency is key and leveraging automation to free up people’s time so that they can be creative and contribute to business success is certainly a good way to get there.


“Nobody likes to do the same thing over and over again. It is not very pleasant on the long run. If you ask people who have this kind of jobs, they will probably tell you ‘Yeah… I would much rather do something else’. RPA will free them up to do things that will add more value to their company. It will be a better use of their skills. And that is because you will have so many people thinking about the next phase, about the next step. As far as individuals are concerned, I think they're going to be happy in the long run” says Sunil Ajjampur Jagadeesh, Principal Software Engineering Manager in Bangalore.


Employees having time for themselves can also be a good thing for businesses. Taking time to relax, unplug, and cultivate a rich life outside of their jobs can help prevent burnout and keep information workers inspired to stay passionate about their work. This is what RPA can provide for your professional life. 


Some of the people working at UiPath strongly believe that our robots can actually be used for the repetitive tasks in our personal life as well. Like Devendran Rajendran, for example, who is the Director Partner PreSales India at UiPath. “The vision of our CEO Daniel is to have a robot in every person's hand. I believe that there will be a time when we will start asking ourselves how to remove the inefficiencies in our personal life by using a robot. There are some cases where we can do that now, but a lot of simplification must be done in terms of how to create these processes. RPA can have a true and meaningful impact, not only on your professional life, but also in your personal life.”


Dev Rajendran Photo


“I believe there is a huge scope and a lot of industries are already part of this automation journey. I believe in the next five to ten years, the way the human workforce behaves, the amount of work and the type of the work they do, will dramatically shift. And we will all start moving more towards creative and meaningful work and leave all the repetitive monotonous work to robots. That's what I believe, RPA has a place in almost all the organizations,” Venky added. 


The debate on whether RPA will replace humans is probably one of the hottest topics since this technology has started to grow. The short answer is no. We’ve heard that from our team in Bucharest (link) and our team in Bangalore has the same opinion about it. “When I first read about the RPA, I was like: ‘Okay, if we are going to automate all the tasks, then what will basically employees do?’ RPA is not about replacing humans. It's going to help them do their job in a much more efficient way, I would think. When humans do tasks, it's error prone, and it takes time. Our products are not a replacement, but rather a personal assistant who can actually help you do the job better”, says Pradeepa Sekar.


“To me, the simplest explanation I can give is automation is not something new to anyone. As a person, I automate my mortgage bill. I automate my kid's tuition fee and buy groceries all the time. Automation is something that we are familiar with. But what we do in UiPath is one step further. We offer products that can actually help enterprise-level companies automate their tasks”


This series of articles highlights the team and the incredible projects in Bangalore. You can also read about our teams in Seattle and in Bucharest or listen our podcasts on our Souncloud Channel

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by Mircea Mocanu

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