UiPathers united for good: The U&I Summer Camps

Group photo of UiPath volunteers.

Summer is the season of adventure, learning, and making memories. For the children in the Future Acceleration program, the U&I Summer Camp is a week-long immersive learning journey that uncovers hidden talents, sparks dreams, cultivates skills, and fosters friendships that last a lifetime.

This year, the UiPath Foundation hosted two U&I Summer Camps, welcoming 183 kids from underserved communities in Romania, aged 10–14. The camp participants collectively spent almost 10,000 hours engrossed in educational activities and playtime, nurturing their curiosity, creativity, and ambitions through workshops, recreation, and quality time spent with their volunteers.

The kids in attendance at U&I Summer Camps traveled from near and far, and for them, it's the volunteers who made it all worth it. We had 45 UiPather volunteers who gave over 3,200 hours of their time to make the U&I Summer Camps a success. They poured their energy, enthusiasm, and care into the experience and became mediators, coaches, motivational speakers, and even choreographers!

We spoke with our volunteers at the U&I Summer Camps, who shared what this experience meant to them.

UiPathers are the heart and soul of the Summer Camps, and we couldn't be more grateful they decide to embark on this adventure, summer after summer. For them, it might be just a week of their time, but for the kids, it's a core memory and the first opportunity to meet their future selves," - Andreea Irimia, Project Manager, UiPath Foundation.

Building digital literacy skills

In addition to mentorship, fun, and games, one of the most important parts of the U&I Camp is the workshops. Each workshop is meant to inspire and empower young minds—to immerse themselves in building future-proof skills to set them up for success.

  • 💻 Digital Skills Workshops, curated with the help of five UiPathers, introduced the kids to the world of automation and robots;

  • 📈 Financial Education Workshops, to get them started in the world of budgeting and saving;

  • 🧡 Emotion Management Workshops, designed to help the children get in touch with their emotions and equip them with tools to express themselves;

  • 🥁 Percussion Workshops, where our budding artists explored rhythm, harmonies, and self-expression through the mesmerizing beats of traditional African Djembe;

  • 🏗️ City Planning Workshops, a practical challenge meant to encourage kids to envision the urban landscapes of the future.

As we reflect on this year's U&I Summer Camps, we celebrate the impact it had on the children and volunteers. It's a beautiful testament to what can be achieved when a community bands together to uplift the next generation. The Camps are a symbol of hope, empowerment, and the belief that every child's potential is boundless, and should be nurtured," - Raluca Negulescu Balaci, Executive Director, UiPath Foundation

A special thank you to all our volunteers who made the U&I Summer Camps a memorable experience for our campers!

Alexandra Veizu, Ana Ciocan, Anamaria Schiopu, Andreea Baciu, Andreea Mihaela Miu, Călin Toader, Carla Martin, Cătălin Olteanu, Cristi Resser, Daniel Tudoroiu, Doinița Dănuța, Eduard Dobre, Elena Bulgaru, Flori Ilie, Florina Petre, Gabriel Chitic, Gabriela Văduva, George Moldovan, Ioana Ungureanu, Irina Cetverousov, Irina Chintoiu, Isabela Semiz, Iuliana Popa, Izabella Geapană, Larisa Săulescu, Lia Sârbu, Mălina Rădescu, Mariana Iordache, Mihai Găvan, Olga Ciobanu, Ovidiu Mihalcea, Silviu Predan, Silviu Stanimir, Sînziana Popa, Ștefania Gheorghe, Betty Dobre, Teo Baciu, Cristina Danovschi, Lavinia Cojocaru and Roxana Unc.

Among the educational activities, there were a lot of moments dedicated to football, boardgames, and getting to know each other. So, to be able to picture these big moments, and all the little ones in between, we have a gift for you: the 2023 U&I Summer Camp Album.

a portrait photo of Elise Jasaitis
Elise Jasaitis

Global Communications Manager, UiPath