2 April 2021

Felix Schreitmüller on Customer-Centricity and Selling RPA 

2 April 2021

Felix Schreitmüller on Customer-Centricity and Selling RPA 

“When you’re following UiPath, you’ll often hear that the culture there is centered around being humble. I never really understood the true meaning of this until I joined. So many people inside the company are really taking humility to their heart and always jump in to listen, learn and help.” 


Felix Schreitmüller, Account Manager at UiPath, joined the company over 18 months ago. He started as a Sales Development Representative and quickly transitioned to his current position. “My first role was an incredible learning experience. As SDRs, we qualified all inbounds leads, like people who reached out via the UiPath contact-us form, registered for webinars, downloaded trials and so on. We also engaged in targeted outbound activities. I was in contact with a lot of people from different industries, departments, and cultural backgrounds. That way, I quickly built up a solid knowledge base around our vision, product, and especially around how UiPath can solve our customers’ problems.” 


The fact that Felix interacted with a lot of industries and was exposed to all kinds of automation use cases before switching to his current role gave him a solid foundation for what came next. “You learn from every single customer conversation. It amazes me time and time again how our automation platform can free humans from mundane, repetitive tasks.”  


When Felix joined, UiPath was offering four products. Now UiPath has become a platform company that is able to solve a lot more problems for our customers. Basically, “we can provide the automation layer like an operating system, that takes businesses into a new era of automating anything that can be automated.”


For Felix, customer-centricity is a fundamental pillar of UiPath. Product releases are always built around the latest feedback from customers. Live demos reflect our prospects’ pressing needs. “In fact, seeing UiPath evolve from a pure play RPA vendor to an end-to-end automation platform is a result of customer-centricity in action. The combination of honest customer feedback with our amazing product teams is what created and keeps reinventing the UiPath offering. Like a machine, we are continuously rolling out the products and features that our customers demand.” 


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Felix attributes these practices largely to culture. “I think Daniel and the management team did a wonderful job around culture from the very beginning. The bold yet humble attitude that I know from colleagues at UiPath is carried into product development, but also all our relationships with customers and partners.” 


Working with so many different stakeholders is another reason Felix believes selling RPA can be interesting. “We are selling into almost every industry and department. This puts you into the driver's seat for your career and you can really make an impact. To me, this is highly fulfilling because I can bring the transformative power of automation to people in sectors that I care about.” 


The pandemic was a great example to put the capabilities of RPA to the test. “What stands out is how quickly UiPath and some public institutions were when it came to finding scalable solutions to fight the coronavirus. There are so many great use cases where our technology has helped governmental agencies or hospitals to process covid-tests quicker or enabled financial institutions to provide much-needed loans at unprecedented speed. Robots did all of that. I feel proud to see what we achieved there together.” 


"Before I joined the company, I only had a vague idea of what working at UiPath actually meant. It’s really a ride on a rocket ship. I’m not saying that it’s only awesome days. But it’s the thrill of all the challenges to overcome and the success stories we build with our customers that I enjoy most.” 


If you’re interested in joining our sales team, check out the jobs available on our career page.  

by Mircea Mocanu

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