27 January 2020

Humans of UiPath: Tej Singh, on His Life as an Intern at UiPath

27 January 2020

Humans of UiPath: Tej Singh, on His Life as an Intern at UiPath

“No matter what, accept an offer because working at UiPath was undoubtedly one of the best summers I have ever had and one of the best decisions I have ever made.” 

Tej Singh, a former Product Technology Alliance Intern, has passion in his eyes when he speaks about his time at UiPath.“The things that I learned here I am going to hold very dearly for the rest of my life,” he said. “UiPath was going through extremely rapid growth. It operated in this sweet spot somewhere in between a large corporation that has all the amenities while still feeling like a start-up. It was great!” 


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During the summer of 2019, Tej was a part of our first class of interns who spent 12 weeks working at our Bellevue office. He worked directly for our SVP for Alliances and Business Development and was exposed to high levels of business and technology. “UiPath Academy was a great resource for me to learn RPA and from there, I was able to connect so many other infrastructures to it. I used Google’s Cloud API and IBM Watson for natural language processing. Throughout this process, I was able to interact with so many different industry professionals who were experts in their field and they taught me so much.”




In terms of being immersed, UiPath believes this core value applies to not only our employees but our interns. Tej’s project was chosen and presented by our CPO, Param Kahlon, at Forward III (a three-day event celebrating RPA). “The demo I created was presented at the UiPath Forward event in Las Vegas and that was an amazing experience being able to watch a keynote and see something I created on a stage with thousands of people in attendance. I was so honored by that.”


Tej, alongside the members of his cohort, also built friendships outside of the walls of UiPath. “Working with other interns was great because I learned a lot from them, and I could bounce ideas off them. Also, having a group of people that I could sit down, eat lunch and hang out with after work was really awesome too.”


When asked if UiPath would be on his list of places to work after he graduates, Tej smiled and exclaimed, “UiPath is my number 1 choice!” 

Are you looking for a job at UiPath? Check out our Careers Page! 


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