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UiPath Announces Integrations with Amazon Web Services to Allow Organizations to Modernize Customer Experiences and Scale Enterprise Productivity

July 22, 2020

Integrations empower customers to leverage AWS with the UiPath Hyperautomation Platform

NEW YORK, July 22, 2020 – UiPath, a leading enterprise robotic process automation (RPA) software company, today announced it has integrated its end-to-end platform for hyperautomation with enterprise-ready cloud infrastructure, cloud applications, and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions from Amazon Web Services (AWS). By integrating with Amazon Textract, Amazon Rekognition, and Amazon Connect, the UiPath Platform can boost employee productivity, enhance customer experience, and accelerate digital transformation through dynamically-scaled AI-powered RPA solutions.

Today’s organizations expect flexible and ready-to-deploy solutions that deliver rapid results. As business environments become more challenging and dynamic, companies want pre-built integrations that solve their challenges. RPA and AI technologies have triggered a paradigm shift in existing ways of managing processes and repetitive tasks—creating the productivity and efficiency gains that these fast-moving organizations demand.

The UiPath Platform fuels the ‘automation first’ era, removing mundane work so users can focus on what matters most. With these integrations, UiPath is enabling customers to:

  • Rapidly implement and scale automations with auto-deployment on AWS: with UiPath, customers can automatically scale their digital workforce on AWS through auto-deployment, ensuring a faster and completely predictable deployment as workloads change. As needs evolve, customers can easily configure virtual machines and deploy robots—without any manual intervention—and connect them to UiPath Orchestrator for easy management. The UiPath pre-built deployment solution for AWS streamlines the deployment of RPA development, test, and production environments on AWS, with managed cloud database and multi-instance caching support.

James Alabaster, Automation Lead at Contact Energy, one of New Zealand’s largest companies, said:

We recently completed our ambitious shift from a fully hosted ICT environment to AWS for most of our business applications. Since deploying UiPath on AWS, we have automated more than 20 legacy processes, including broadband activities, order management, and customer service requests like billing. This is already saving us 400 hours a week in productivity, increasing the accuracy of our processing and giving our people more time to connect with our customers one-on-one.

  • Connect the call center front-end with all backend systems: with an open and extensive platform, UiPath easily connects Amazon Connect to any system that the contact center relies on, including those back office systems or mainframes that were previously not accessible. This enables a full zero-touch customer self-service automation solution, freeing up agents to work on more complex customer issues. By enhancing the customer experience through near real-time responses, improving First Call Resolution, and reducing Average Handling Time, contact centers are able to increase customer satisfaction scores and boost loyalty.

For example, a top 25 bank in the U.S. wanted to transform its customer contact center to better serve its customers’ needs. Leveraging Amazon Connect and UiPath, a self-service system reaching across the bank’s legacy mainframe systems was quickly implemented to handle the most common customer requests. With the solution, the bank achieved a more than 30 percent reduction in Average Handling Time for Inbound Calls and reduced call volumes per agent by nearly 50 percent.

  • Bring AI to workflows and build more intelligent automations: UiPath ready-to-use intelligent automation solutions help customers modernize the enterprise by adding AI Services from AWS directly into day-to-day operations. Users can simply drag and drop the AWS AI capabilities into their automated workflows using pre-built integrations available on the UiPath Marketplace. With UiPath, customers can use Amazon Textract to automate tasks involving complex document types that traditional OCR software cannot manage.

Healthcare providers and insurers expect a large increase in the number of claims they will need to process due to COVID-19. Staff manually input data into the EMR system, but this is a time-consuming, error-prone task. Documents vary in format, and many have errors or empty fields. By dragging and dropping Amazon Textract capabilities into UiPath RPA workflows, customers can configure robots that process claims automatically—thereby reducing average handling time and improving accuracy. Staff are brought “into the loop” only in scenarios when customers have indicated that the data must be reviewed by a human.

  • Boost IT productivity with enterprise-class automation: with integrations built on AWS, the IT team can harness the power of AWS to deliver efficient and affordable services and end user process automation. More than 30 powerful, out-of-the-box IT automation activities for cloud infrastructure deliver faster automation and reduce development times. The IT team can easily automate and manage critical Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for object storage and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) for virtual machine management operations in their workflows to create highly scalable and seamless automations.

With a myriad of choices, customers have ever-increasing expectations relative to service and support. With today’s announcement, organizations can better leverage UiPath and AWS services including Amazon Connect, Amazon Textract, and Amazon Rekognition to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Ken Chestnut, Global Segment Lead, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Customers want to make the most of their AWS investments, and they want a simple, affordable and resilient solution without complex infrastructure and application changes. We’re here to help. With a one-click deployment solution to AWS, out-of-the-box IT automations, and readily available activity packs for consuming AI services, we’re committed to helping customers integrate with the UiPath partner technologies that they rely on today and in the future.

Dhruv Asher, UiPath senior vice president of business development and product alliances

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UiPath (NYSE: PATH) is on a mission to uplevel knowledge work so more people can work more creatively, collaboratively, and strategically. The AI-powered UiPath Business Automation Platform combines the leading robotic process automation (RPA) solution with a full suite of capabilities to understand, automate, and operate end-to-end processes, offering unprecedented time-to-value. For organizations that need to evolve to survive and thrive through increasingly changing times, UiPath is The Foundation of Innovation™.

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