24 July 2018

UiPath Announces New Integration with Google Cloud Contact Center AI Further Strengthening the Collaboration with Google

24 July 2018

UiPath Announces New Integration with Google Cloud Contact Center AI Further Strengthening the Collaboration with Google

Since March, when we announced a deepened partnership with CapitalG, Google Cloud and UiPath have been collaborating on solutions that transform workplace productivity and accelerate the AI and Cloud journey for enterprises in the most practical way possible. As a testament to our common goal, we’re thrilled to announce our new integration with Google Cloud Contact Center AI.


Zero-Touch Contact Center Automation Solution


Contact center solutions require a strong knowledge base to enable human-like automated response while interacting with customers. In typical enterprise contact centers, while there are standard operating procedures, real knowledge is stored across multiple documents, and systems. A complete knowledge base requires collating information from multiple sources into a standard format that can be consumed by the knowledge base API.


For example, consider a company with their sales and commercial knowledge base in Salesforce, product and pre-sales documentations in Atlassian and technical support troubleshooting guidelines in Zendesk. When the company looks to automate its contact center, it is critical to secure information from these platforms at setup and also have an ongoing process to update the contact center knowledge base. While Salesforce may provide the capability to use its API to get information from its knowledge center, there are systems that may not lend themselves to API calls. UiPath’s robots can, however, connect to any system using UI automation to get the information required and turn it into the format expected by Google’s knowledge base API.


Positive customer experience is critical to all enterprises, and this is the area where UiPath has a significant impact. Our robots can retrieve and manipulate data from multiple systems and legacy applications in a time-constrained contact center setup, resulting in faster response time to customer queries. Companies can leverage robots to extract, transform and present data from multiple systems in a short span of time. Similarly, data entry to legacy applications can be automated seamlessly. Given our ability to work in attended (bots that can work on the agent computer at the same time) and unattended (bots that can work on a background server) environments, UiPath can leverage resources intelligently and can actively assist an agent at work. This helps our customers reduce workloads, allow for a fast up-scale for peak loads of standard requests, and toggle between on-call and post-call work in a structured manner spending less time overall. Moreover, contact center agents can focus on interacting with callers, delivering superior customer experience.


Learn more about our Google Cloud Contact Center solution and see it in action.


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The integration of standard fulfillment actions an agent typically needs to perform manually through different applications can be fully automated and connected to Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI solution via UiPath connectors. This will enable fully automated contact center automation for all standard requests.


UiPath & Google Cloud AI


Transformation is a common denominator for most companies as they seek to become more agile, more productive and conquer current business and technological challenges head-on. By 20201, enterprises aspire to move most if not all of their workloads to the Cloud and become truly digital businesses that are ready and not at all afraid to adopt the best AI tools available. Through this strategic partnership, Google Cloud’s AI capabilities combined with the UiPath RPA Platform will create the perfect infrastructure for introducing AI to the business environment.


“UiPath will integrate with our Cloud Machine Learning Engine that lets you run custom-built machine learning models leveraging the computing power of the Google Cloud Platform. You can train a model with it and get all those resources very quickly and then serve the model as well," Michael Sherman, Business Program Manager for Google Cloud


During the #UiPathTogether event that took place in New York on July 12, Michael Sherman, Business Program Manager for Google Cloud, spoke about the challenges encountered by companies seeking to incorporate AI into their operations. Engineering work, high costs, and process complexity are some of those to take into account. This is where UiPath comes in, making AI integrations easier to manage and control. Our partnership with Google Cloud includes embedding custom-build machine learning models with the Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine into the UiPath Platform so that tasks such as signature comparison for cheque verification, scanning through job databases for HR purposes, service request management or domain-specific classification and provisioning of recommendations can be easily integrated into a holistic process automation.


For more information on UiPath’s AI strategy and the product roadmap, as well as insights on the future of the UiPath - Google Cloud partnership, join Param Kahlon at Google Cloud Next San Francisco on July 26 at 11 AM as he introduces The next generation RPA: Intelligent Software Robotics. Come to start a conversation with us at our booth, W2316, and see demos on How to build a bot, Intelligent OCR, Cognitive Natural Language Processing, Voice/Text/Chat activated RPA robots, Running UiPath in the Google Cloud Platform and Contact Center Automation.


Choosing UiPath as a partner to radically transform workplace productivity is in sync with our company’s momentum. More than 1,500 business customers and government agencies from all geographies and industries use the UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform. American Red Cross, BMW Group, Dentsu, Inc., LG, NASA, SMBC Group or the US Department of Defense are just some of the few to have rapidly deployed software robots that emulate repetitive human processes, boosting business productivity, ensuring compliance and enhancing customer service. Widespread RPA adoption has been a key focus for us, and the numbers prove it: the UiPath Community includes more than 200,000 users worldwide. The resources for automation
are already available and tapping into them is an essential part of becoming truly digital.


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by Gratiela Dumitrica

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