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Easily create process maps and documentation ​

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UiPath Task Capture fast-tracks business process documentation by recording your regular workflows in detail. Your auto-generated process maps will be ready to share—and for RPA developer teams to start automating.

Take A Selfie of Your Expertise with Task Capture
Take a selfie of your work

Easily create process maps​

Start documenting your business processes step-by-step with either Diagram Builder or Task Recorder.​

Document work just by doing it

Add details and edit with ease​

Business analysts and process owners can easily edit and overlay comments and descriptions so you don’t miss any critical details.

Edit the output with ease

Share your process documentation​

Get your documentation to the right teams by exporting to Microsoft Word or UiPath Studio.​

Export and share your process docs

Accelerate your automation development

Publish your PDD or XAML files down through your automation pipeline to Automation Hub and Test Manager.​

Tour Task Capture in our video demo
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Video Demo

Tour Task Capture in our video demo

Collaborating for automation

Better task documentation expedites automation for everyone

Business users
  • Make your expertise count

  • Be ready for sharing and work handoffs

  • Fast-track an automation project

CoE leaders
  • Align business analysts and RPA developers

  • Build a complete library of process docs

  • Capture your most complex workflows

RPA Developers
  • Get documentation from process owners without churn or delay

  • Export workflows to Studio in seconds

  • Document existing automations, too

  • Transform your business

  • Be prepared for emergencies and audits

  • Build, keep, and share institutional knowledge

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Discover processes from any angle

Complementary solutions that work together to deliver complete process understanding

UiPath Automation Hub

Crowdsource ideas from your employees

UiPath Task Capture

Automatically capture and document processes as you work

UiPath Process Mining

Analyze data from your line of business applications to continuously understand and optimize end-to-end processes

UiPath Task Mining

Analyze the work people do to find everyday, repetitive tasks to automate

Alex Brown, Business Analyst, Electrocomponents

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"As an analyst it's my best friend, it literally saves me so much time...we're using Task Capture for every single process, we're never going back to the old-school way."

Alex Brown

Business Analyst, Electrocomponents

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Document RPA processes like a superhero
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Document RPA processes like a superhero

  • Get best practices on creating process diagrams

  • Save and export your Task Capture projects to Automation Hub, Studio, etc.

  • Customize Task Capture document templates to better serve your needs

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