Client:The Automobile Association of South Africa (AASA)

Industry:Public Sector

Region:Other Regions

The Digital Transformation Story of the Automobile Association of South Africa

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AASA started a digital transformation journey 18 months ago and investigated various technologies to assist the organization in their transformation strategy. RPA was identified as a key enabler at the time.

DatoraSA used UiPath to deliver an RPA solution to The Automobile Association of South Africa (AASA) that automates the dispatching of resources in their Emergency Call Center Dispatch department.

Various processes were reviewed within the organization to identify opportunities where automation could bring benefits within the organization. The Dispatch function within the Emergency Call Center was identified as an area where the dispatching of resources to incidents on the side of the road could be optimized and automated. AASA already makes use of a Dispatch platform in which both its own fleet of resources as well as its partners and contractors use a mobile phone-based system to manage the work at a task level. The system required a form of manual dispatching of resources to identify the most optimal way to perform the task. Datora supported AASA with the automation of the allocation of the most optimal resource for the incident using the UiPath RPA platform.

The benefit of using the UiPath platform was that it was implemented in a short time frame (4-6 weeks), it was not intrusive which meant that little development was required to implement the solution and the benefits was realised immediately.

Jaco van der Merwe • General Manager IT

Kamal Rampersad, who manages the Dispatch department at AASA, says “the benefits from the RPA solution implemented by Datora was immediate and real. The average dispatch time was halved as a result of the automation, staff can now focus more of their attention on customer care and dealing with cases that require more intricate decision making – we saved the time equivalent of approximately six staff members. The UiPath BOT just runs and it effectively dispatches on average 40% of the workload. We cannot imagine our lives without the BOT – and we especially notice the effect during our peak times – it is one of the best things we implemented”.

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