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AI-powered automation speeds up NDIS claims process

AI-powered automation speeds up NDIS claims process


hours of invoice processing time saved


of invoices are now processed end-to-end without a My Plan Manager employee involved at any stage of the process

Supporting NDIS growth

Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) continues to transform the lives of more than half a million Australians with disabilities.

AI-powered automation is now shaping up as an important tool in easing the growing administrative burden for the Scheme and its providers.

The NDIS has a broad administrative role in providing funding as well as access to services for eligible people with a disability. The purpose is to grant those with disabilities more opportunities to spend time with family and friends, become self-reliant, gain new skills, and enhance their quality of life. The Scheme now supports almost 600,000 Australians with a disability.

Within the next three years, the NDIS is expected to provide more than $50 billion in funding per year to support Australians living with a disability. The popularity of NDIS plan management also continues to grow. Around 60 percent of NDIS recipients choosing to receive help from a plan manager to better understand their entitlements and manage their funds.*

As Australia’s leading NDIS plan manager, the My Plan Manager brand processes thousands of invoices for its clients every day. During the past 12 months, the volume of invoices has increased by almost 50 percent. To sustain this pace of growth, the business identified an opportunity to improve its level of automation and data intelligence.

* NDIS quarterly report Q4 of Y10.

Transforming to enhance services for NDIS clients

A large part of My Plan Manager's operations related to NDIS claims and payments were tied to a custom-developed platform. The platform was close to reaching the end of its useful life. To support rapid growth, a change was needed to remove process limitations, sustain system stability, and mitigate risks.

The business was rapidly expanding, and our existing systems were highly manual, resulting in rework and limiting our ability to scale.

Richard Hilliard · Chief Technology Officer, My Plan Manager

My Plan Manager launched an extensive transformation across the business to meet increasing regulatory and compliance standards, enhance client satisfaction, improve quality assurance, and manage risk.

Tecala, an Australian, award-winning technology services provider, partnered with My Plan Manager to create and implement the Automated Claims Experience (ACE) platform incorporating the UiPath AI-powered automation solution.

My Plan Manager is a prime example of a business that has completely embraced Intelligent Automation. They can continue to grow and scale at speed, all whilst delivering an exceptional customer experience. We are very proud to be a small part of such a phenomenal outcome that is making a difference for everyday Australians.

Shaun Leisegang · General Manager - ADA (Automation, Data and Artificial Intelligence), Tecala

ACE lets My Plan Manager automate its accounts payable process using RPA, optical character recognition (OCR) and automating key decisions via a rules engine.

Using automation to speed up NDIS claims processing

The UiPath AI-powered solution automates and optimizes repetitive tasks and processes, which can be broken down into rules. The solution manages intricate tasks by using complex algorithms, AI, and ML to continually improve performance and minimize the need for manual intervention.

My Plan Manager employees are no longer required to manually check rules and budgets. The solution automates invoicing and budget processes, allowing employees to focus on more value-adding tasks like exceptions and activities that benefit NDIS participants.

At the same time, the system is more resilient to potential fraud and has reduced client vulnerability.

Through the ACE platform, they’ve significantly reduced the amount of human intervention required for claims processing. The volume of claims processed without employee intervention increased from 25% to more than 70%.

We’ve seen increased productivity as many manual tasks have been eliminated and turnaround times improved.

Richard Hilliard · Chief Technology Officer, My Plan Manager

Driving better business and client value

Using AI-powered automation to accelerate the NDIS claims process has enabled My Plan Manager to not only optimize their processes, but also to unlock further business value.

My Plan Manager has implemented AI into its automated platform, allowing for improved client outcomes with higher service standards and the guarantee of accurate and prompt payments to NDIS providers. This is providing enhanced NDIS service levels and delivery for NDIS clients and providers alike.

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