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AI-powered automation transforms operations for Omega Healthcare

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Increase in productivity


Faster turnaround time


correspondence accuracy process

New accounts receivables (AR) process delivers 100% increase in productivity

Launched in 2003, Omega Healthcare had ambitions to become a global leader in revenue cycle management and clinical enablement services. Fast forward 20 years and it’s delivered on that promise. Today, healthcare businesses—from providers and payers to pharmaceutical firms—rely on its services to improve their bottom line.

Using AI-powered automation and cutting-edge technology, the company is on a mission to streamline processes—to accelerate business value, drive growth, and deliver improved margins to customers.

As part of Omega’s digital transformation strategy, Omega Healthcare partnered with UiPath to accelerate scale and its pace of change.

“Our strategic partnership with UiPath aligns with our vision of creating an empowered ecosystem that unlocks the full potential of healthcare for our customers,” said Vijayashree Natrajan, SVP of Technology, Omega Healthcare. “Through our work together, we are leveraging technology-led solutions that help enable healthcare organizations to deliver exceptional care while enhancing their financial performance.”

Omega Healthcare

Clients reap direct benefits from automation helping them to increase collections, reduce clean claim ratios - those submitted correctly the first time - and shrink account receivables (AR) cycle times.

AI-powered automation to support business vision

Omega Healthcare chose the UiPath low-code platform to automate the business vision and remove the more mundane tasks faced by its 30,000 skilled workers.

Where we saw a human bottleneck, we put in technology and AI to increase collections for our customers. We wanted to automate these processes and have our agents focus on more cognitive decision making work instead.

Rajusiva Arunachalam, VP – Head of Automation & AI, Omega Healthcare

With healthcare being very complex, thousands of scenarios often needed to be documented before an automation could be applied.

“It was a really time-consuming process and would take two to three weeks to get to understand the basics of the process, get it documented and give to a developer to automate,” says Arunachalam. “Process Mining has significantly cut down our efforts to one fifth of the time we used to spend. Now, we look at the data and know where to focus, get the details from the process flow charts generated by the tool, and accelerate automation.”

Find the hidden ROI

Using UiPath Process Mining and Task Mining enabled Omega Healthcare to discover automation ideas and find the top benefit-yielding steps to be automated.

Although finding automation opportunities was a primary objective, the firm also discovered new business optimization possibilities, re-engineering existing processes to drive new KPIs.

However, with AR, cash flow is king—something every business understands.

We have reduced the AR time by 30%. Clean claim ratios have been increased to 98%–way above industry standards.

Rajusiva Arunachalam, VP – Head of Automation & AI, Omega Healthcare

By using AI and the power of bots, the firm has dramatically reduced claim follow-up to improve its days' sales outstanding (DSO). Claim resolution times have also fallen 70% post-automation.

Yet, even with bots helping to reduce claim-to-cash cycle times by 25–30% for end-users, Omega Healthcare had ambitions to go further.

AI that matches your ambitions

Results from using AI and automation to manage customer correspondence processes related to AR have been astonishing. With a 100 percent increase in productivity, 50 percent faster turnaround, and 99.5 percent process accuracy, the business has enjoyed a significant Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) uplift.

This has transformed a previously high-volume, labor-intensive collections process to save 6,700 hours per month.

Now, correspondence letters are automatically downloaded. UiPath Document Understanding then leverages AI to extract the data and send the output to UiPath Action Center for human validation if needed.

Omega Healthcare staff then review and trigger bots to move the data downstream before agents validate this and prepare it for delivery.

Now, Omega Healthcare’s medical specialists can focus most of their time on delivering more strategic outcomes for their customers instead of being burdened with administrative tasks.

Combining AI and automation means more accuracy, faster collections, and fewer client escalations. All this leads to huge financial savings.

As Omega Healthcare continues to differentiate itself from the competition, its Omega Digital Platform further empowers customers with technology-enabled services supported by both proprietary solutions and innovative partners like UiPath. Omega Healthcare is focused on helping its customers harness the power of AI, automation, bots, and more to drive greater efficiency and accuracy to improve their revenue cycle outcomes.

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