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The WNS and UiPath Partnership Delivers High-Impact Business Outcomes through Domain-Led Automation

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WNS collaborates with UiPath to bring businesses the advantage of domain-led automation—speeding up robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation (IA) journeys and consequently powering revenue growth, efficiencies, and customer experience.

WNS is a leading business process management (BPM) company that combines deep industry knowledge with technology and analytics to co-create innovative, digital-led transformational solutions with clients across 10 industries. WNS has more than 43,000 global employees and a footprint extending across 16 countries and 61 delivery centers. The BPM company executes the future vision of more than 400 clients, including several Fortune 500 companies. It provides the whole spectrum of BPM services in finance and accounting, procurement, customer interaction services, and human resources—leveraging collaborative models tailored to address the unique business challenges of each client.

Automation is a key element of WNS' proven ability to drive innovative and future-ready solutions. Through WNS RPA & Intelligent Automation TRAC™, the company has identified over 500 automation opportunities across industries, delivered over 60% automation across diverse processes and multiple client environments, and driven more than 25% average savings across clients. This suite addresses the whole automation lifecycle—right from consulting to development and support, and managed services. Built on the powerful foundation of proprietary and partner-driven robots, cognitive technologies, artificial intelligence (AI),  and machine learning (ML), it impacts the key areas of revenue growth, operational excellence, and customer experience.

Underpinning the success of the company's comprehensive RPA and IA solutions portfolio is deep domain expertise. The industry-centric knowledge that WNS brings to the table helps develop sector-specific automation assets catering to clients' unique requirements. Complementing WNS' domain centricity and process expertise, is the UiPath platform prowess in automation. The partnership has helped accelerate the IA journey for WNS' customers across a wide range of industries, including banking and financial services, insurance, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, travel, and shipping and logistics among others.

Our focus on domain and process expertise when combined with the technology expertise of an automation partner like UiPath helps drive successful business outcomes. UiPath is a strategic partner in our journey of leveraging RPA and intelligent automation to co-create a sustainable approach that propels clients' transformation trajectories.

Enabling automation at speed & scale

Brahma is impressed with the evolution of the UiPath platform in terms of product maturity over the years. "Whether it is the process discovery engine, the orchestrator or building analytics, UiPath's roadmap of moving towards an end-to-end product offers a great value proposition. UiPath is focused on getting it all together, which reduces our need for multiple platforms / partners to meet different requirements," he explains.

This has further helped optimize WNS' expertise in driving automation at scale. A case in point is a transformation engagement with one of their large clients, wherein WNS has successfully deployed and seamlessly scaled to over 125 bots within a year. By leveraging UiPath's automation capabilities, WNS continually enhances the value they bring to their client's business. The roadmap is to systematically scale with more bots in the future.As the customer automation journeys increasingly advance from pure vanilla RPA to IA, UiPath's AI / ML capabilities effectively complement WNS' solutions. While WNS brings deep domain knowledge and applies it to the solution, UiPath brings into the equation the critical element of an AI / ML engine adept at continuous learning.

According to Brahma, AI / ML at the core of any IA is an iterative process and needs significant training and learning, which is the reason why AI / ML engines don't give maximum output on day one. "UiPath’s AI / ML capabilities are responsive in terms of learning and then driving better results. With our joint offerings, it's an endless combination of understanding (what we want to do) and learning (how to do it better) – the right amalgamation to drive results,” adds Brahma.

Bringing a co-creation-led and an outcome-driven approach to automation

The hallmark of WNS’ approach to automation is working with the clients to co-create customized solutions backed by deep domain expertise and a collaborative approach. This enables one to bring clients’ needs to the foreground, which results in the delivery of high-impact business outcomes.Re-iterating its result-driven approach, WNS offers an outcome-based engagement model or a transaction-based pricing model with risk-reward sharing. This ensures a cost-effective, low-risk and high-reward investment for businesses.

Going forward, WNS and UiPath will engage to drive rapid automation deployment and speed-to-value through the use of intelligent, cost-effective and modular solutions across industries.

Use cases

Enterprise-wide automation for one of the world’s largest shipping companies

The challenges:

  • Implementing end-to-end RPA and IA

  • Defining automation vision and operating model, and identifying key strategic focus areas

  • Setting up a global RPA and IA Center of Excellence (CoE)• Deploying pilots quickly and scaling to run enterprise-wide implementations

The solution:

Co-created and scaled the RPA and IA CoE operating model across multiple geographies, processes and providers

The outcomes:

  • ~200 FTE savings delivered with >25% reduction in the total cost of operation within the first 18 months

  • 24X6 support at full scale

Automation of customer service processes for a leading consumer goods manufacturer

The challenges:

  • Manual and voice-based customer service processes with ~60K query volumes per month

  • Highly manual processes leading to low operational efficiency

  • Negligible to low-value addition to the agents as they spent a significant proportion of time on ingesting manual data, extraction and populating in the target systems

The solution:

  • Front-office Digital Bot providing a unified view of the customer with past transaction history

  • Guided workflow for each query type – order placement, delivery, credits / exchanges and billing

The outcomes:

  • Automation of the processes yielding estimated >15% ROI over five years• ~25% estimated FTE reduction

  • ~50% reduction in agent onboarding time• ~100% process compliance and accuracy

  • Freed up agent time, generating more cross-selling / up-selling opportunities, and thus driving incremental revenue

Automation of the finance and procurement processes for a market leader in specialty minerals

The challenges:

  • Manual, error-prone and time-consuming process of downloading, reviewing and validating data

  • Reduced productivity of resources due to significant efforts spent on monotonous and rule-based activities

The solution:

Deployed an intelligent bot that:

  • Receives pricing catalog on e-mail and updates the same in Oracle

  • Reviews purchase orders and validates in Oracle

  • Updates contracts with negotiated prices for products and services

  • Creates new vendors / suppliers and / or updates existing ones in Oracle as requested

  • Downloads all bank statements and reconciles with the data in legacy systems

The outcomes:

  • Reduced operational time with enhanced accuracy

  • Standardized input templates across all in-scope processes

  • Improved quality of daily, weekly and monthly reporting

  • ~50% rise in operational efficiency

  • 1.4X ROI over five years

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