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Photo of Emily Wasik

Emily Wasik

Thought Leadership Editor, The Economist Group

Photo of Diego Lomanto

Diego Lomanto

VP Product Marketing, UiPath

Today’s businesses are squeezed. Margins are getting tighter, while customers continue to expect more. Leaders are thriving by taking a different approach—accelerating their digital transformations with automation. 

By automating, your employees will improve efficiency and effectiveness, and in turn focus on higher-value work that drives better customer experiences, improved compliance, and outsized business results.


When you watch this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how automation can reboot work, and in the process accelerate your digital transformation to more quickly improve customer and employee experience and compliance.
  • Hear from Emily Wasik, Thought Leadership Editor at the Economist, about recent research from the Economist Intelligence Unit, benchmarking how leading firms take an ‘automation first’ approach to win in their markets.


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