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Whether application testing or RPA testing, we've got you covered. We've gathered the best of test talks to help you learn how resilient automation can streamline, simplify, and scale your testing—helping you deliver better software experiences, faster and more seamlessly than ever.

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From application testing to RPA testing, check out our best testing tales of the year to inspire your own automated testing success.

Testing Tales

Explore stories from companies like VMware, Entrust, and Cushman & Wakefield and how they transformed their automated testing practices.

Application Testing

Unlock tips on how to achieve faster automations, quicker execution, and less maintenance.

RPA Testing

Learn about continuous testing for uncovering and proactively resolving underlying issues to prevent business disruptions so you can focus on scaling.

Bonus Sessions

Dive into even more videos to help you enhance your test automation initiatives.

Future of Digital Testing Session

A sneak peak of what's inside

Some of our favorite sessions include:

  • The Future of Digital Testing: Showcase and Panel

  • Automate Everything SAP: Processes, Tests, and Migrations

  • The Digital Tester: Taking the Tedious Out of Testing

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