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Intelligent RPA:
A Strategic Edge for the Oil & Gas Industry

A UiPath & Sapient Consulting Webinar


Photo of Amit Singh

Amit Singh

Senior Director and Global RPA Lead, Sapient Consulting

Photo of Coenraad van der Poel

Coenraad van der Poel

Managing Director, UiPath

Historically speaking, efficiency gains and reduced error rate have always been the outcomes of automation technologies. Today, we face a new era - referred to as the 4th Industrial Revolution - one in which cognitive capabilities are paired with RPA to take implicit decisions and streamline repetitive tasks. 

Register on demand and watch Amit Singh, Senior Director and Global RPA Lead @ Sapient Consulting and Coenraad van der Poel, Managing Director (Americas) @ UiPath, shed light on this convergence between emerging technologies and automation, as well as its overall impact on the oil and gas industry.

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