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Building an Intelligent Workforce for Enterprise Service Management

UiPath & Sofigate


Photo of Camron Sartipi

Camron Sartipi

Senior Consultant, Sofigate

Photo of Bogdan Nedelcov

Bogdan Nedelcov

Senior Product Manager, UiPath

Organisations are increasingly moving towards Enterprise Service Management and Intelligent Automation as they’ve witnessed first-hand the improved customer experience, operational efficiency and cost optimisation that it has delivered to IT. There is now a huge demand to apply these techniques across the business in areas such as Operations, Customer Services, Purchasing, HR, Legal and Finance.


Sofigate leverages UiPath's intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform to enable its clients to automate business and support processes. They deploy the capabilities of Intelligent Automation throughout the enterprise, enabling business functions to delegate processes to a workforce of software robots, enabling employees to focus on strategic value adding activities.


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