Webinar: Testing 360 - Discover UiPath Test Suite


Photo of Gerd Weishaar

Gerd Weishaar

SVP Product, UiPath Test Suite

Photo of Rick Crosby

Rick Crosby

PreSales Team Leader

Automation accelerates digital transformation. But as it begins to scale, it encounters friction that decelerates the progress and affects expected savings. Siloed skillsets and technology result in redundant automation efforts, complex automations require higher effort, and untested automations lead to higher maintenance.

UiPath Test Suite benefits those who create automations (Test teams and RPA teams) and those who depend on automations (Business teams and Transformation leaders). Be it testing software applications or testing RPA workflows, the UiPath Test Suite aims to answer your needs for scalable enterprise-wide automation.

In this exclusive webinar, our speakers demonstrate:

  • Why scaling disparate automation programs is fundamentally hard
  • Why we built Test Suite and how it helps to accelerate automation
  • What Test Suite can do with a 360-degree product tour

This webinar is part of the Product Deep Dive webinar series.

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