Meet the UiPath AI10 Award Winners: AI at work… that’s working.

Selected by an esteemed panel of experts from hundreds of entries, the 10 winners of the inaugural UiPath AI10 Awards are standouts in a group of strong performers. That’s because they’re bringing AI and UiPath automation together to drive big improvements in efficiency, customer connection, and employee productivity and fulfillment. Watch their videos and read their stories, to learn more about their successful journeys to capture AI’s value.

Banca Progetto Award recipient

Banca Progetto

Online bank Banca Progetto has built its business by continually innovating around new technologies–including AI and automation. Using these two powerful forces, the bank has transformed the processes for validating documents and opening customer deposit accounts in international markets. Everyone has benefitted: new customers can open accounts with less stress and more speed, employees now spend less time on manual processes and more time with customers, costs are down, and risk and control compliance is up. The best part? It all happened in less than four months.

"I see a marked enthusiasm among our workforce…They can create robotic automations that work overnight, handling most of their repetitive work, so that when they get into the office, they just need to manage exceptions, instead of being faced with a mountain of work."

Cosimo Papagna - Digital Operation & Bank Innovation, Banca Progetto

Cox Enterprises logo

Cox Enterprises

Their IT call center was chockablock with queries, queues, and querulous internal customers demanding fast responses and first-time-right solutions. So Cox Enterprises joined forces with UiPath partner EY to launch an automated solution that put natural language processing and Generative AI to work in summarizing and triaging calls and tickets--in just six weeks. The result? Reduced handling time, improved data quality and consistency, and higher satisfaction among IT pros and customers alike.

“We get feedback from the IT team saying that UiPath has transformed the way they work. The results have been phenomenal, not just in terms of the metrics, but the impact on people.”

Director of Intelligent Automation, Cox Enterprises

Equifax AI10 Award recipient


Customers always appreciate faster issue handling. So Equifax strategically deployed UiPath AI-powered automation to speed up time to resolution and improve the customer experience. What’s more, the effort also boosted employee engagement and productivity and enabled a faster, smoother cloud transformation journey.

“We don't focus business value on cost's about how we enhance quality, make our business easier and faster for customers, resolve issues faster, translate into productivity so people feel engaged about their jobs...and start to think about new challenges."

Jairo Quiros - Senior Vice President – Global Business Services & Head of Global RPA/AI CoE, Equifax

Expion Health

Expion Health drew on UiPath partner qBotica’s healthcare expertise to apply the power of UiPath automation, UiPath Document Understanding, and UiPath AI Center to automate claims processing. That’s let them increase daily volume by 600%--improving customers’ experience, boosting employee engagement, and enhancing healthcare efficiency and service delivery.

“By leveraging Document Understanding, AI Center, Action Center, and other advanced components in UiPath such as Computer Vision, there’s been a tremendous amount of effort saved in building the necessary features from scratch to help enable intelligent document processing and seamless human-robot collaboration.”

D.S. Suresh Kumar - Chief Transformation Officer, Expion Health

Flutter UK & Ireland

When you make up your mind to place a bet online, any hiccup or delay in doing so can be a big buzzkill. So online gaming company Flutter UK & Ireland used a combination of UiPath automation and their own AI to power a smart virtual assistant that could quickly resolve customer issues and simplify inbound contact handling. The result is a big win all round: a whopping 56-point increase in its Net Promoter Score among customers, higher cross-sell revenues, and de-stressed contact center employees.

“We have seen customer NPS improve by 56 points. The ability to use automation to resolve 70% of our customer queries has been a game changer for us.”

Dan Heap - Director of Automation, Flutter UK & Ireland


Technology leader Intel is changing the game in global trade. Intel built a solution leveraging UiPath automation and an advanced machine learning model to predict product codes with unprecedented accuracy for tens of thousands of different products it moves across borders. The result? Greater visibility across the distribution chain, a more efficient and effective compliance process, and a sharp reduction in manual workloads.

“We’ve transformed the way we work. Employees are able to do more higher value work. We are able to absorb more scale as volumes increase.”

Sid Shah - Intelligent Process Automation Leader International Trade Group, Intel


Using UiPath automation with Generative AI to transform the manual task of creating pitch books, Lazard is enabling accurate and error-free work, improving employee satisfaction, and increasing retention of highly skilled investment banking talent.

"With an automation strategy, there is an inherent impact to customer satisfaction because now bankers are able to spend more time developing personal relationships with their clients versus doing work behind the scenes."

Mansi Kapadia - Global Head of Innovation and Digital Transformation, Lazard

Omega Healthcare

Responding to millions of patient calls and accurately coding over 100 million patient charts each year requires a fast, accurate flow of patient and care data from many different systems, in many different formats. Omega Healthcare is using UiPath automation and AI to create that automated data flow. The result? Far fewer errors and omissions, much faster responses to customers, and medical professionals who have all the information they need to carry on informed conversations with customers.

“We have reduced the AR (accounts receivables) time by 30%. Initially none of the claims were processed before 30 days, and now we are down to 7 days. Clean claim ratios have been increased by 98%-way above industry standards.”

Raju Siva - VP Technology & Head of Automation, Omega Healthcare


When 500,000 civil employees depend on you to manage their pensions wisely, it’s important to execute at the top of your game. That’s why Canadian pensions manager OMERS has leveraged AI-powered UiPath Document Understanding to automatically read and extract relevant data from hundreds of different financial statements. Freed from the “hunt, cut, paste, format” burden of doing it themselves, business users now have the time and space to gain better insights, make better decisions, and focus on more strategic, impactful projects.

“It’s about getting to meaningful work, what they (employees) want to do in their career aspirations and as part of their development plan. By giving them time back, they were able to use that time to work on more strategic projects which is important to the team, company, and is helping them grow as well.”

Vipin Jain - Director of Automation Center of Excellence, OMERS


USI Insurance Services, in partnership with UiPath partner Lydonia Technologies, implemented AI-powered automation for a high-volume, paper-heavy broker commission statement process. In just 18 weeks, it implemented a new process that not only dramatically cut processing time—speeding payments to its critically important broker network—but also bolstered data security and accuracy. What’s more, it’s forecasting $3 million in savings over the next three years.

“We want to be innovative. We want to drive the insurance industry forward. It’s a sector that’s traditionally a bit behind the curve in terms of IT innovation. We’re looking for ways to improve that and gain efficiencies with intelligent automation and UiPath.”

Andrea Simpson - IT Manager, USI Insurance Services

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