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Bridgestone Sales (Thailand) is a subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation, the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive tires and rubber products and number one in Thailand automotive tire market.

To maintain their market leadership in this highly competitive industry, Bridgestone adopts innovation and technology to improve our customer service, increase work efficiency and create new business value.

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One area that Bridgestone looked at was in processing accounting documents for our customers such as automotive tire resellers. These processes require staff to repeatedly do tasks such as extracting data from the system and filling them in forms or summarizing them into reports. While these tasks require experienced staff to get the work fast and with just a few mistakes, they inadvertently take away resources from tasks that create more value for the business.

In consultation with the head office in Japan and through internal exploration efforts, Bridgestone decided to use the UiPath Robotic Process Automation solution. The RPA solution spanned the whole automation process from verifying data and extracting sales data to the preparation of documents to email to customers.

Fujitsu, a system integrator partner of UiPath in Thailand, worked with our IT department in this project. From the study of the work processes to providing technical advice, designing, implementing the RPA solution and ensuring the solution run smoothly with maximum benefits for our business.

Outcome of using the RPA solution

  • 90% Saving 90% of the operation time, from 4 hours to 2 minutes
  • 85%Saving 85% of paper, from 700 pages to 100 pages
  • OpportunitiesEnhancing better chances for the business to create more incomes
  • Efficiency Improvement of customer satisfaction with faster service
  • 50%Reducing 50% of the manual process and reducing mistakes in filling data and document preparation

Looking forward, we have plans to apply the RPA system to sales & production processes that can help improve customers service and create new business value.

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