Automation is driving retail market innovation


Let our robots handle your repetitive processes, including inventory management, supply planning, and return processing


of retailers predict that AI and intelligent automation will soon be mainstream tech


potential revenue growth due to automation


of critical consumer and retail activities are automatable
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How end-to-end automation enables business transformation

With robotic process automation (RPA), companies now rely on software robots to do the mundane work, increasing productivity and quality of delivered products and services. Learn more in this white paper.

Get ready for a new era of retail

Improving the F&A employee experience

Make every connection matter

Put automation to work creating personalized experiences that turn casual browsers into lifelong buyers.

Deliver exceptional customer experiences

Transform processes for more transactions

Squeeze out inefficiencies that are the barriers to seamless, real-time consumer engagement.

api based integrations offer new automation innovation

Turn insight into innovation

Anticipate shifts in consumer tastes and take action sooner to boost your market and wallet shares.


Maximize marketing with automated segmentation, intelligent targeting and decisioning, and controlled programming.


Deliver a consistent consumer experience by integrating customer-facing systems, recommending next best actions, and helping customers help themselves with self-service options.


Speed up and simplify back-office processes for smoother, trouble-free customer engagement.


Establish a single source of truth across your value chain to coordinate processes and respond to disruptions.


Reduce turnover of top associates by eliminating the tedious tasks that drive them away.


Generate more accurate forecasts that optimize demand and inventory planning.


From planning store layouts to optimizing forecasts, AI-powered robots help you take a smarter approach to almost everything.


Your retail workforce knows what works and what doesn't. Empower them with low- and no-code automation development.


With a robot assistant, everyone from demand planners to store associates can do more, faster.

  • Analytics

    • Collect and consolidate consumer and market data to drive more effective strategies

    • Target desired populations with greater precision

  • Marketing

    • Synchronize campaigns, promotions, and outreach for greater impact

    • Deliver consistency across every channel and touchpoint

  • Field sales

    • Improve forecast accuracy by using the latest data

    • Inform customers of order status with automated alerts

  • Merchandising

    • Create profit-increasing promotions

    • Develop pricing strategies that protect margins

  • Retail ops

    • Process orders and returns faster

    • Keep costs in check by optimizing scheduling and inventory


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Get closer to your customers

  • Collect and consolidate consumer and market data to drive more effective strategies

  • Target desired populations with greater precision

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