Seamless Mainframe Automation

Enable API and cloud for mainframes

Mainframes: trusted companions
through the years

Today, mainframes continue to play a strategic role in the IT logic of many organizations. They act as efficient data stores and reliable workhorses for complex processing. Meanwhile, the current business climate calls for the integration of mainframes
with new applications and architectures. The challenge is to unlock the data housed in the existing mainframes in order to prime them to respond to new demands. All of this is done without having to reinvent the system.
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Mainframe integration & automation

Integrate any mainframe: T3700, green screen, Java, or legacy app via UI Automation. Automated data entry and 100% accurate screen scraping on mainframes are integrated into your business flow.

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API enablement

Create an interactive dialogue between your mainframe and the Cloud through a common, flexible infrastructure. Any communication protocol, language or format is safely supported.

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Rapid mobilization

Real-time integration of any existing applications and processes, including apps that have no available API. This way, the information flows smoothly throughout the enterprise.

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Mainframe data migration

Flawless bridging between the legacy system and new applications, as well as a complete system upgrade.

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Monitoring and tracking

Ongoing trace monitoring of the data is kept highly available, which allows operators to analyze and respond to events in real time.


It is easy to scale up or down, and this is flexibly extendable according to emergent enterprise initiatives.

Challenges that legacy apps face

They might work admirably, but green screens can pose quite a few challenges to a company.
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Increasing cost

The mainframe often works only on outdated systems and hardware. These systems start to break down as time goes by and the cost of maintaining them rises exponentially.

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Decreasing expertise

It becomes more and more difficult to get people with the right skill-set to maintain and use the system as it becomes obsolete. This might mean long hours of training for new staff.

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Low security

As a mainframe app grows older, it also becomes rarer. Security products or solutions that meet modern day threats may no longer be available in the market, which exposes the whole system to security risks.

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Data retrieval

Retrieving the data you need, when you need it can become extremely difficult, especially if your organization is spread over a large geographical area.

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The biggest challenge that an organization with a legacy application faces is integration. It is unable to both share data with other organizations, and take advantage of the new systems and technologies available. In the case of mergers and acquisitions, the organization ends up with two mainframes or legacy systems that are incompatible. So how do companies bring their mainframe systems up to speed?

Good preparation is always key to a successful journey.

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UiPath: Seamless integration,
zero hassle

Connect all the dots in one simple swoop. Without disrupting the mainframe, UiPath swiftly and intuitively migrates data between systems and provides advanced web-enablement. It works with all technologies (Windows, Java, Oracle Apps) and can automate within Citrix.
By connecting your mainframe to the latest endpoints, you will be able to respond to new opportunities in the market and stand out in a highly competitive arena. Set your course for integration and boost your business today.

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