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Will Your Business Thrive in the Era of Automation?




Robert Stewart June 19 2019

Will your business thrive in the era of automation?

It’s no secret that businesses are increasingly adopting automation technology to more efficiently achieve organizational goals. We've entered a new era where automation is front and center, and it's called the 'automation first' era. Today, to stay competitive businesses must create a strategy that examines the best combination of robots and humans to achieve their organizational goals, and we can help. 


To assist you in navigating this era, we've created a guidebook that explains what an automation first mindset is, how your organization can achieve it, and how you can successfully merge a digital workforce with your human workforce to accelerate the goals that matter to your business. 

Also, you will learn:

How to adopt an automation first mindset by
  • Seeking an automation solution first when you’re designing, improving, or transforming your work processes. This means exploring the right combination of humans and robots to achieve your organization’s goals.
  • Pairing a centralized approach with an employee-driven line of attack helps organizations tackle automation from two business-critical angles. The centralized top-down approach identifies tasks in processes that are a drain on the business, while an employee-led bottom-up approach gets employees engaged in finding repetitive tasks that prevent them from completing more valuable work.

How to reach automation maturity by

  • Scaling up automation to reach new business units and give employees more tools to explore Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions on their own by performing ten critical activities.
  • Establishing a robotic operations center (ROC) to facilitate governance and security measures and standardized automation processes, laying the foundation for further transformation.
  • Creating organizational support, both from the C-suite and ground-level employees to pave the way for more experimentation and application of automated solutions.

How to mobilize your workforce by

  • Examining ways to talk about the fears and fascinations of automation within your organization and enhance the potential of your workforce to embrace the new technological solution.
  • Explaining the ways that RPA handles tasks that are best suited for robots, leaving your staff with more time to focus on jobs that require a human perspective and input.

Register for the automation first whitepaper to learn more. Your road to RPA maturity starts here.


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