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Pricing per editions and features

$990 per machine
$1490 per machine
$1990 per machine
1 year product maintenance *
Development tools
GUI Automation library
Browser automation
Data automation
GUI Automation deskop app
Screen Scraping desktop app
Image based automation
Email automation
Java automation
Invoke web services - SOAP, REST
Remote execution
Auto-login Windows session
System center integration pack
Centralized management and security
Additional runtimes (per machine) ** $99 $149 $199 Contact us
Additional runtimes (unlimited) *** $4990 $9990 $15990 _
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* Include one year free support and updates.

In order to be entitled to purchase a Runtime license, you have to own at least one (1) Studio license for the corresponding edition.

** This is a per machine royalty based license, you have to acquire a license for each machine where you deploy the runtime. If the machine is a server you need a separate license for each client that connects to the server.

*** This is an unlimited redistributable license. You can deploy the runtime on any machine you want. You are required to have a valid maintenance agreement in order to reference UiPath library when you build your applications.

All the license types above are perpetual. Read License Agreement.