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Why UiPath is Your Perfect Automation Partner


 increase business process efficiency

Intuitive for Users

Your employees will use visual tools to graphically capture and automate repetitive activities on our designer screen (without a hint of coding).

Optimize agent productivity

Responsive Product Line

Our products are designed to accommodate clients who wish to start small and grow – and those who have large, immediate needs.

 increase business process efficiency

Deep Experience

As your automation partner, UiPath will bring over ten years of global client successes – reflected in our innovation and customer service.

What customers are saying about UiPath

"I lead the Global Technology Innovation team for Capgemini Business Services and I became familiar with UiPath after their RPA product surpassed five other vendors in the selection process of our RPA programme, becoming a Capgemini automation technology of choice.

Their product’s robust intuitiveness, and unsurpassed ability to seamlessly integrate with Citrix at the presentation layer, were absolutely essential to the success of the project. UiPath’s refreshing spirit of collaboration was equally vital to our development of innovative RPA implementation and deployment solutions for Capgemini Business Services. Both contributions led to Capgemini and UiPath signing a three year technology partnership agreement."

Dr. Marcus Esser,
Global Lead Technology Innovation, Capgemini Business Services

"Volvo operates SAP and found that processing supplier invoices through the system required a number of manual interventions, in terms of reading, validating, registering and posting invoices. As part of the efficiency drive, it was decided to try out automation in one of the accounts payable (AP) teams which processes around 2,000 supplier invoices every day. Volvo managed to almost completely eliminate human intervention from the AP process. UiPath is a front-end automation software, which mimics human actions. It operates on top of the existing applications in a non-invasive way, which means there is no impact on the core applications used. The robot logs into the necessary systems, reads the invoice image, registers the invoice in SAP, performs all the necessary validation, including cross-checking against other systems, and ultimately decides whether to post, park or block the invoice. Having the same robot following the entire process flow and communicating with all the systems involved brings much higher automation benefits than the traditional mix of humans and partial automation."

Case Study, Robots in finance: Volvo leads the way,
Joakim Abeleen, KPMG: Strategic Visions on the Sourcing Market 2016

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