UiPath vs. Power Automate

Nothing great ever comes easy.

Businesses that see dramatic gains from automation are doing a lot more than automating a few tasks here and there. They're going after everything that slows down the business and takes people away from the work they want to be doing—everything from personal tasks to mission-critical business workflows.

Only a comprehensive, end-to-end automation platform offers the tools, training, and partnership needed to succeed.

Nicolas Cherkasky · Managing Director EMEA, Grupo Assa

Not only is UiPath the most robust platform in the market, with the best combination of technology, but the team behind it has great values, and a vision very aligned with gA’s culture and credo.

Nicolas Chercasky

Managing Director, EMEA, Grupo Assa

For every $1 they invest in UiPath, customers can return $15 in the first year

UiPath is 100% focused on automation and driving enterprise-scale results, impact, and value. We offer a one-stop shop for everything you need: from tools to discover the highest-ROI automation opportunities, to managing and governing your program securely and hassle-free. Start small or go big! It’s easy with UiPath.


3M hours

of work returned in one year
Orange Spain


saved in two years
DHL Global Forwarding, Freight


return on initial investment within the first month
DHL, Dr. Frank Schüler

We knew we wanted to automate—even eliminate—time-consuming, manually repetitive tasks, free up internal resources, and empower our employees to provide the best services for our customers and partners. We knew UiPath's RPA could deliver all of this and more.

Dr. Frank Schüler

Managing Director, Global Service Center, DHL Global Forwarding, Freight

Make complex automation simple.Not the other way around.

UiPath was built to emulate—not just automate—daily work. So thanks to powerful UI + AI + API automation, UiPath customers take old and new workflows and transform them for the better. UiPath robots get the job done—for any process, across any applications, browsers, or virtual environments. They read documents, recognize dynamic interfaces, and understand conversations to make complex decisions.

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We've been successful with UiPath products where other vendors weren’t. Using AI Computer Vision, we can automate quickly and ensure consistency without having to worry about constant maintenance.

Dan Stoudt

Solutions Architect, ApprioHealth

UiPath robots work with the tools you use every day

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Avoid automation sprawl

How do you keep an inventory of your automations? Who is keeping them updated? Where are the controls to ensure that nothing breaks? UiPath is the platform of choice for a reason: we make managing and governing automations at enterprise scale easy.

Doug Shannon Headshot

UiPath was the choice because it was easy to use, had low-code solutions, and orchestration. Power Automate is great, but it doesn't have orchestration. So, you end up with many users having to maintain their own items, and it doesn't really talk to the bots or the processes. It's automation, but it's not really RPA or intelligent automation. When you're looking at democratization or digital transformation, UiPath has really answered that.

Doug Shannon

RPA practitioner, IT veteran

Reduce your security and compliance risks proactively

Imagine this: an HR manager in a bank automates a simple task. By mistake, they code their password to the HR application into the automation, which they then share with the entire organization. Scary, right? With UiPath this wouldn’t happen. We offer both IT governance through UiPath Orchestrator with Azure AD integration, as well as the next level of automation-specific governance with Automation Ops.

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UiPath customers love the free training from the UiPath Academy, asking questions and finding solutions on the UiPath Forum, or downloading pre-built, reusable RPA & AI components from the UiPath Marketplace.

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Easy to develop and use for all automatable processes, from the simplest to the most complex. It’s the future of automation, with all-powerful AI tools, ML, Document Understanding, and more.

G2 Crowd - UiPath named Leader 2021
G2 Crowd - UiPath named Best Usability 2021
IT Central Station - UiPath given Peer Award 2021
Trust Radius - UiPath named Best Feature Set 2021


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