What’s the big idea? At FORWARD VI + TechEd Day, you’ll find more than one.

What’s the big idea? At FORWARD VI + TechEd Day, you’ll find more than one blog post main image

There’s something special about FORWARD attendees. They’re the people like you who are putting innovation into practice every day. They find ways to make processes run smoother. They help the business do more, do it faster, and do it more accurately. They make the work experience better for their colleagues by eliminating tedious and time-consuming tasks. And they’re the ones who love to explore how emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) can be transformed into real-world solutions that make life and work better. They put AI to work.

It takes a lot of expertise to help usher an organization into the era of AI-powered automation. But you also need more than technical know-how. You have to recognize the possibilities and potential of technology. You have to question the status quo and be willing to change things up. In other words, you need a little inspiration. 

We’ve designed FORWARD VI to help ignite the innovative spirit that’s an essential trait in this new era of work. FORWARD is an event where ideas are just as important as understanding the nuts and bolts of automation technology. And it’s where we’ll show you AI at work. So, here’s a quick preview of some of the “light bulb moments” that will be in store at FORWARD VI + TechEd Day, October 9–12, 2023, in Las Vegas.

Keynote addresses that open up new perspectives 

Author, journalist, and professor Walter Isaacson will be the featured keynote speaker at FORWARD VI. And while he may not be an automation expert, he is an expert on creativity and innovation—and the history and evolution of digital technology. His work explores how the world’s great thinkers discovered their world-changing ideas. His books include fascinating analyses of people like Leonardo Da Vinci, Ben Franklin, Ada Lovelace, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk. One of his books, The Innovators: How a Group of Inventors, Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution, is an in-depth exploration of the history of the technological innovations that helped create the world we live in today. Mr. Isaacson will have a lot to say about the automated future that we’re just now dipping our toes into—and he’ll offer insights on how you can unleash your own creativity.

And it wouldn’t be FORWARD without the words of wisdom from the UiPath executive team. Co-CEOs Daniel Dines and Rob Enslin will offer their perspectives on the latest developments in AI and automation and how UiPath is helping lead the way into a more innovative future.

A world-class automation curriculum

Speaking of innovation, the breakout sessions at FORWARD offer a deep dive into the automation technologies and topics that are fueling a new way of working. You can build an agenda that fits your specific needs and interests—and get ready to go back to work with a brain brimming with new ideas. We’ll have more on FORWARD VI sessions in future posts. 

This year, we've added an entire day of deep dives into UiPath products and curated content for AI and automation pros: TechEd Day. The FORWARD VI + TechEd Day conference pass gives you access to all of FORWARD VI and TechEd Day (October 12).

On-demand automation expertise

You’ve been hearing a lot lately about AI—but at FORWARD, we’ll also have a lot of human intelligence on hand. At Expertsville, more than 300 AI, automation, and process experts from UiPath and our partners will be available to meet 1:1 to answer your questions, talk through your challenges, and recommend new approaches. You’ll get the insight of the engineers who design and build UiPath technologies. And at the Industry Roundtables, you can join discussions on how automation is addressing specific challenges in your sector. 

Insight everywhere you turn

When thousands of automation practitioners get together in one place, an interesting chain reaction takes place. Conversations spark ideas. Ideas inspire innovation. Innovation drives transformation. Even a casual conversation with a fellow attendee can trigger a new way of seeing the world. So, if you’re planning to join us in Las Vegas for FORWARD VI + TechEd Day, be aware that you may be bumping into a great source of automation insight at any time. After all, around 4,000 of them will be there.

We've also created a mobile app to make your on-site experience simple and seamless. Use it to build your agenda, find a UiPath or sponsor booth, ask a question, network with colleagues, post a tweet, and navigate the venue.

And the chance to kick back and celebrate

Did we mention that FORWARD VI takes place in Las Vegas? There’s a reason for that. You need a chance to unplug and recharge. You need to take a break and let the great ideas simmer. So, in addition to filling your brain with big ideas and lots of information, we’ll take time to kick back and celebrate.

Don’t miss the chance to see the future of AI-powered automation at FORWARD VI + TechEd Day, October 9–12, 2023, in Las Vegas. Register today!

mary tetlow uipath
Mary Tetlow

Chief Brand Officer, UiPath

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