Get Ready for the Reboot Work Festival 2022

dont miss uipath reboot work festival 2022

Editor's note: The fun continues! Reboot Work Festival is now available on demand. Registration to access the recordings is free. And the event replays are available for your to watch at your convenience. Watch the festival on demand.

Plan your visit with a preview of the virtual festival grounds

The UiPath Reboot Work Festival 2022 is coming soon, and the timing couldn’t be better. The world is opening up. Organizations are hiring at record rates. And we’re all discovering that our approach to business as usual isn’t up to the challenges of the new normal. We need new ideas and fresh approaches. We need to reboot the way we work.

Since we last met for the festival in 2020, the theory and practice of work have undergone profound changes. Back then, many businesses looked to automation just to help them keep the lights on. Now, it’s essential to their strategy. Automation is the key to helping them innovate and thrive in a radically different world.

So, what does this tectonic shift mean for the world of work? What are the trends redefining how we work and how businesses run? Which emerging automation technologies will have a meaningful and lasting impact?

Those are the kind of questions we’ll be exploring at the Reboot Work Festival 2022. And to help you make the most of your time at the festival, we thought it would be a good idea to offer a quick walkthrough of our virtual festival grounds and preview what you can expect.

Let’s get started.

Hear big ideas in the Big Tent

uipath reboot work festival big tent

This is where visionaries and thought leaders from UiPath and the technology community come to share their insights on the current and future state of automation. Here’s what’s on the agenda:

  • A fireside chat with UiPath co-founder and CEO Daniel Dines on the automation trends and technologies that brought us to today and are taking us to tomorrow

  • Author Azeem Azhar on the ‘Exponential Age’ and how we can better understand and adapt to rapid technological advancement

  • Chief Marketing Officer Bobby Patrick on the role of automation in the transition to digital business

  • Executive Vice President Ted Kummert on the future of apps in the fully automated enterprise™

  • Chief Product Officer Param Kahlon on the long-term innovation roadmap for the UiPath Platform

  • Senior Vice President Jay Snyder on the value potential of scaling automation across the enterprise

  • The "Tech Minds Panel of UiPath" experts will weigh in on topics such as democratizing automation, the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, and the difference between automation hype and reality, led by Vice President of Product Marketing, Diego Lomanto

Check out the full agenda.

Engage UiPath brains in Expertsville

Wouldn’t it be great if you could connect with the people who build and support UiPath technology? If you could explain to them the specific challenge you face and get their thoughts on how you could tackle it?

uipath reboot work festival 2022 expertsville

You can in Expertsville. Stop by. Pose your questions. Share your story. Our team will be on hand to listen and help.

Get inspired in the Amphitheater

UiPath customers accomplish amazing things every day. They squeeze the inefficiency out of processes. They find ways to do more with less. They make it easier to access information. They anticipate customer needs and market trends and take quick action. They make experiences better for customers and work more rewarding for employees.

uipath reboot work festival 2022 amphitheater automation customer stories

We want to celebrate their compelling stories—and that’s why we created the Amphitheater. You’ll learn from automation success stories from some of the biggest global enterprises—like Xerox and EY. And you’ll also get to dive into the stories of companies in your specific region, including Cisco, KOTAK Bank India, Siemens Ltd. China, KION GROUP AG Germany, Liberty Global UK, and many more.

Stop by for a dose of inspiration.

See the real thing in the Demo Tent

uipath reboot work festival 2022 product demo videos

Sometimes you need to see how something works before you can imagine the possibilities. At the Demo Tent, you can see actual UiPath technology in action. You’ll find demos specific to your industry and line of business, as well as many on the full breadth of the UiPath Platform. No marketing hype. No vaporware. Just real automation technology at work, solving problems.

Discover how Automation for Good can change the world

We’ve all seen how automation opens the door to better ways of doing business. But the story of automation’s impact is bigger than that. It’s also a force for positive change in our society.

uipath reboot work festival 2022 automation for good

During the Reboot Work Festival, we’re shining a spotlight on the way automation improves lives. Learn about the work of the UiPath Foundation, and see stories of UiPath customers who are using automation to improve lives and communities. You can even take a self-assessment that can help you plan for your own Automation for Good program. Be sure to check it out.

Take a break with Popcorn and Flicks

uipath reboot work festival 2022 employee videos

Curious about our views on the changing nature of work and automation’s role? Come take a look at the videos we’ve put together for a better idea of who we are, what we do, and how we see the world.

Get a preview of FORWARD 5

It’s never too early to start getting ready for the industry’s premier in-person automation event. Discover what’s in store for FORWARD 5 in September, and get a feel for what makes the world’s most immersive gathering of automation experts so special. And while you’re there, check out the early, early bird registration offer that can save you some money.

How can we help?

dont miss uipath reboot work festival 2022

Feeling overwhelmed? We’re here to answer your questions. If you need help from our sales team or have a technical question, just stop by the “how can we help” section of the virtual festival grounds and let us know. Want a tour around the festival grounds? Our friendly flying robot can show you around.

We’ve packed a lot into a one-day virtual event. Hopefully this preview of the Reboot Work Festival will help you zero in on the content you want to experience the most. We’re looking forward to connecting with you!

mary tetlow uipath
Mary Tetlow

Chief Brand Officer, UiPath

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